Max Lapierre Gets Four

Maxim Lapierre has been given a four-game suspension for his dangerous hit-from-behind on San Jose player Scott Nichol. It will cost Max about $14,000 for this.

I’m not happy with what he did. It was dangerous, very dangerous. Pushing Nichol into the boards could have led to something tragic.

I was at a Junior A BCHL game in Powell River a decade ago when Nanaimo’s Aaron Moser crashed head-first into the boards and he broke his neck and is paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life.

Max didn’t need to do this and I hope he won’t again.

7 thoughts on “Max Lapierre Gets Four”

  1. I thought the penalty was harsh. I’ve seen worse with no call. I don’t think Max’s hit was intentional.

  2. Hey Dennis,Yes it was a bad shot by Maxim,he seems to do alot of these cheap shots.I wonder if that is why he isn’t like in the league.That could have been dangerous for sure,oh well maybe the next time he wil think about that

  3. Ir, in Lapierre’s defence, he said he thought the puck had bounced off the post and back to Nichol and he was trying to stop a scoring attempt. But it was dangerous for sure, headfirst into the boards.

  4. That was a pretty scary hit, and quite a shock, ’cause The Habs aren’t really a team known to be dirty.
    Those damn Bruins.

  5. It was a poor judgment hit. Thinking Nichol could score from the goal line would also be poor judgment. He wasn’t called for a penalty even though he was directly in front of the referee. The call on Hamrlik came soon afterwards during which the Sharks scored and that was the start of the end for the Habs. If we miss the playoffs by a couple points that hit can be one of the many things to blame.

  6. It looked innocent enough on the one angle but at the very end of this clip you’ll see the reverse angle and it was that final “little” shot that was uncalled for-the ref may not have seen it from his angle but I won’t make excuses for him either.

  7. Without condoning Laps shove the problem was Nichol stumbled before he hit the boards. I didn’t think Lapierre hit him that hard but the shove precipitated the stumble so Laps deserves a penalty. What really irritates me is the 4 games compared to what other players have received for equal or even more dangerous hits. Janssen, Ovechkin, Kaleta, Ruutu, the list goes on. I’m at a loss to explain or understand the discrepancies in the the league’s punishments except he’s not a star so he gets the book thrown at him.

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