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Canadiens recall Max Pacioretty

MONTREAL — The Montreal Canadiens announced Sunday that left winger Max Pacioretty has been called up from the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs.
The 6’02’’, 208 lbs forward, aged 22, played 52 games with the Canadiens last season. He recorded 14 points (3-11-14), served 20 penalty minutes and registered 74 shots on goal, while averaging 14:43 minutes of ice time per game. In career in the NHL, Pacioretty has collected 25 points (6-19-25) in 86 games.

Pacioretty ranks tied for first with the Bulldogs and tied in first place in the AHL with 32 points (17 goals, 15 assists) in 27 games this season. He leads the league in goals and is tied for second in the AHL with 7 power play goals. He also ranks first in the league with 132 shots on goal. He displays a +4 plus/minus differential and has served 20 penalty minutes. Pacioretty was named the Reebok/AHL Player of the Month for November, after posting a 10-7-17 record in 13 games.

Pacioretty was the Canadiens’ second pick (first round, 22nd overall) in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

7 thoughts on “Max Is Back”

  1. Mixed feelings about this. While I don’t agree with Subban being sat down for three games for poor decisions and a being chatty, I do think Pacioretty should have cooled his heels longer for the comments he made about how he was treated. He may be completely right about how poorly he was used by JM but that’s not the sort of thing a rookie should be saying to the media. So on the one hand I’d like to have seen other players brought up first but at the same time if he can get our second line going all will be forgiven if not forgotten.

  2. The thing for me, Dishonest John, is that he’s a bigger forward which we could sure use, and he seems to have found his hands in Hamilton. I’d almost forgotton about those things he said and you’re right, he should’ve kept his mouth shut. I remember saying back then that if he wanted to get a job in the bigs, he can’t be doing that. I just really hope he helps things. They brought up and sent back down 5′ 7″ David Desharnais and I know this is a good player and maybe I shouldn’t say it but we already have so many ggod small forwards that I was hoping to get bigger, not smaller. So I’m fine with Max this way. I’m also a bit concerned about Subban in that he’s lost some confidence. I thought sitting for one game was enough, not three. Lots of other guys make mistakes too and I don’t like this toying with confidence. He says it’s like skating in cement right now.

  3. Dennis,

    Are you already running the team?

    I seem to remember seeing you post that Desharnais was called up and commenting that the team was getting smaller when it needed to get bigger.

    JM obviously read the same post.

    Now they’ve sent for Max.

    Good work.

    I assume negotiations to bring in Dustin Byfuglien are well under way. I know you can’t say anything, but in DK we trust.

  4. I don’t like MAx’s comments earlier but you cannot deny his size and now proven ability to score (in the AHL anyways). I am sure he will provide much to our top six players. His comments to me reflects his confidence more than his maturity. But I remember playing at his age and I had a great big mouth too. I hope he gets some playing time right away. I am sure there are a few candidates who have earned press seat space.

  5. The problem, Blue Bayou, is that I posted the Desharnais story after he’d already been sent back to Hamilton, which I wasn’t aware of until Danno told me. So I deleted the story because I was so far behind the time. But Danno had commented on the Desharnais story which was deleted, and here’s what he said about Pacioretty.
    “One guy the Habs should consider calling up is Max Pacioretty who is currently leading the AHL with 17 goals.

    More offensive power — which Pacioretty could provide — would take a lot of pressure off our defense especially when we’re often winning (and losing) games by only one goal.

    Jacques Martin was in attendance at Copps Colliseum to catch the action and maybe he had his eye on Pacioretty. Or maybe he was scouting for another defenceman since Spacek’s status is now iffy.

    Alex Henry would add an element of toughness that is lacking right now. He’s rugged and stands 6’6? and 230 lbs. And he’s not afraid to drop the gloves if need be. Something that might make the Leafs think twice before pulling stunts like they did against Spacek last night.”

  6. Fair enough Dennis, put Danno on the payroll as an advisor, just a small retainer mind you and keep a close eye on the expenses claims – the understanding is he buys his own beer.

  7. Blue Bayou, I’ll probably be able to afford to buy Danno his beer if it’s Kane’s Really &^%#$^Strong Beer because after one he might be in the emergency ward of the hospital. You Brits, though, I’m not sure. You might be able to have two before the ambulance is called.

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