3 thoughts on “Max Gets Zero”

  1. As a completely unbiased hockey fan (a citizen of the US cheering for a Canadian team?), this was the right call. Torts, however, should be suspended for whining and pandering.

  2. Good for Patches! he has sure had his share of dirty hits thrown at him. And I am somewhat pleased that he made a payback statement with that hit.

    Now! after that statement, I go back to my former condemnation for any kind of a hit to the head, and doubly so if one sustains an injury.
    Never mind this crap of penalizing players for a slight bumping of a goalie who is 10 feet out of his crease and get back to rules that save players careers and lives.

    Any hit to the head by any means, you are out of the game and it is reviewed with serious consequences.
    Stop this spanking of the back of the offenders hand by Shannahan garbage.!

    To many bodies at all levels of hockey have been ruined for life.!

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