Max Gets The Job Done


In storybook fashion, Max Pacioretty, with the captain’s C meaning more than just about any game this season, buried the puck in the shootout to give the Habs a 4-3 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the curtain closes, at least for one night, on a tremendously dismal time in Habsland.

But it’s the kind of thing that can right a ship, this clutch goal, and when it happened, Max’s teammates piled on him like teenagers celebrating at the World Junior Championship.

A beauty of winner it was too, with Max putting a couple of cool little dekes on netminder Ben Bishop, who’s still unraveling his jock strap from his testicles, and with that the Canadiens put an end to something called a six-game losing streak.

Max has been on the hot seat lately as folks haven`t been happy with his play. They say he looks lazy, floats, and isn’t trying like he should, which is all the same thing I guess. But as I mentioned on Twitter, it’s exactly what people said about Frank Mahovlich when he was with the Leafs.

For a few hours at least, fans can start planning the parade once again. I personally feel the Trans Canada Highway from Montreal to the West Coast would be a terrific route.

One win doesn’t guarantee anything except two points, we know that, but how it would’ve sucked to see yet another loss in this December to end all Decembers.

Now we see light, and it will shine even brighter if the boys handle the Florida Panthers in a few hours time. Big game, that one. Imagine a two-game winning streak?

The Canadiens opened the scoring in the first period when PK Subban fed Tomas Plekanec in close, and Pleks made no mistake.

How big was this goal? The Habs took the lead, which hasn’t happened much lately, and Pleks finally scored, which hadn’t happened since that night in ’36 when he beat Montreal Maroons backstopper Alec Connell.

Maybe not 1936, but it’s been a while. Twenty-one games in fact since Plekanec lit the lamp, which is completely unacceptable and one of several huge reasons why the team has spiraled out of control.

Scorers haven’t been scoring, and tonight, the nasty little monkey was wrenched from Plekanec’s back. It has to feel good.

Tampa would even it at one apiece in the second, but four minutes later, Alex Galchenyuk would wrist a puck from 20 feet out, and the boys took the lead once again.

In the third period, after the Lightning had shocked everyone with two quick goals to jump ahead, Dale Weise sent the puck over the line, and although Tampa called a Coach’s Challenge, the goal stood and the game was tied.

The Canadiens were less than great on the 3-on-3, aside from some flurries as the clock ticked down, but held on regardless. And onto the shootout we and they went, with Max getting it done in style.

Random Notes:

A fine enough evening, and best of all, the team looked like they wanted to win. Mike Condon was sensational, especially in the middle frame when he made several sprawling saves.

The team as a whole showed more energy than lately, they were alive and gunning for a win, and although it took a shootout, the sigh of relief is one big honkin’ beautiful sigh.

Tampa outshot Montreal 39-34.

Next up – across the state to Sunrise to take on the Panthers Tuesday evening. If ever another win is needed, it’s now.

There’s only one way to drive a stake into a pathetic, unending slump, and that’s to win a handful of games in a row.

One down, a handful to go.




8 thoughts on “Max Gets The Job Done”

  1. Hi Dennis…good game by the team. I thought they played really hard and never seemed to get down. They were team excited to win this one. Some things that stood out to me in this very important game was how ineffective DD was…in OT he may as well been wearing a Tampa sweater. He actually casually shot the puck in the Tampa end on a shift change. What could he have been thinking there. How hard PK worked and Getto was all over the ice. Condon is kind of unorthodox but sheer determination overcome the lack of smoothness….Patyern should stay in the lineup. Finally if Alex G ever gets his confidence settled he will be something to watch. I have been impatient regarding him but see him now as very likely to soon breakout and make his identity on the team and the league. His effort recently has been off the chart and man does he enjoy scoring. What the he’ll is wrong with MT on this DD thing with the ice time. There is absolutely no stats or visuals to support him playing more that Alex let alone on the first line.

  2. A win makes shoveling snow saturated with freezing rain so much more delightfull!! I could start to like our Habs again. But Coach Thornbush——— ?????????????

  3. Cliff, that particular DD play stood out to me too. So nonchalant. Three on three is about puck possession and he simply gave it away on purpose. In general, I like the guy (probably more than many), but that play made me angry. Yes, a good determined game by the boys, and Condon played a great game. It was a determined effort, but we’ll get a true look tonight. If they’re flat, fire the coach. If they’re determined like last night, then maybe they’re out if this misery.

  4. A good game, Peter, but we’ll see. Tonight will say a lot. Now get back to the shovelling. You don’t want the postman falling down.

  5. Great article Dennis!
    They played with more jam than they did in a long time. Maybe that visit by Mark Bergevin woke them up.
    I wonder if it will it be Condon or Scrivens in nets tonight for their final game of 2015? All I know is this has been a really bad stretch and winning tonight will be key to kicking things off in the right manner for 2016. Who knows? Maybe this is the beginning of a nice juicy ten-game winning streak.

  6. It was nice to see the old team, Danno, and not this thing cursed by the devil that we’ve seen this month. It shows they have it, so it’s possible it’s a mental thing. Or maybe they don’t agree with the coach. But at least we know it’s a good team in a horrendous slump. Maybe now this taste will turn it around. Tonight will show what kind of character they have.

  7. I think they pushed themselves last night very hard. It will be interesting to see whay they have in the game tonight. More often than not I don’t think back to backs ought to hurt a team if the players are in good shape……they must be but given their effort last night well ????? I kind of thought it was the most intense they played all year so far. I am not saying the best just the most intense. Anyhow hopefully they stay on track tonight and register another win.

  8. Ottawa had zero snow for the entire month of December and now it’s Snowmageddon.

    This isn’t good if you grow banana trees like Dennis 🙂

    I hope the change in the weather is a sign the Habs will be back on track now.

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