Max Gets Solid Security

Geez, Habs news. I don’t know if my little laptop can handle the shock to its’ system.

The Canadiens have given Max Pacioretty a nice six-year extension worth 4.5 million annually, on a contract which had a year left to go. So our boy ain’t going nowhere for seven years at least. This should give him plenty of time to crack the 50-goal mark.

Dave Stubbs, back from the London Olympics, writes in the Gazette/Hockey InsideOut that Pacioretty is absolutely thrilled to settle in like this, and I don’t blame him. Great money for seven more years in Montreal, where he can buy a big new house if he doesn’t already have one, his wife can get to know the neighbours and enjoy European fashion, and the future kids can have good friends and familiar schools. And he gets to play for the Montreal Canadiens!

It just seems like happy times for the Pacioretty’s right now.

If somebody wouldn’t mind giving me $27 million dollars, I’d be able to explore even further how one could be happy with this.

Stubbs’ fine piece can be seen here Pacioretty “Honoured”.

Max’s linemates have contracts as such: Erik Cole is inked until the end of the 2014-15 season, when he then becomes a UFA, while David Desharnais has one year left before he becomes an RFA. Another season like last year and Desharnais might get one those Pacioretty-type long-term deals too.

So there’d better not be a lockout, because our big line is ready to rock.

4 thoughts on “Max Gets Solid Security”

  1. Didn’t see this one coming maybe because I was waiting for the Subban deal to finally get done. Patches will be a key player for this team for the next seven years and at 4.5 could be a real steal if he continues to develop.
    Saw a commercial last night for Under Armour featuring Price and Seguin clearing space for a road hockey rink inside a warehouse, pretty cool.

  2. I think this was probably the easiest signing ever. Pacioretty and his family were impressed with how the club treated them and Max after the “incident”. I know Max’s mom was very touched. The money helped of course, but I am sure that played a big part in this.

    How nice is it to have a GM who gets people signed NOW instead of waiting until the day before the leave to start talking!

    I was shocked to see this as well but Bergevin seems to have an idea that investing in the future is a good thing. Thank god.

  3. Darth, I’m with you. This was good stuff from Bergevin. So far he’s made great moves, although he let Larry Robinson slip away.

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