Max Does It Again! This Time In The Shootout

First, to give credit where credit’s due. The Tampa Bay Lightning, although sitting well out of a playoff spot in 13th place in the east with only 29 points, played a solid game, had their chances, and could have very well pulled it off.


But the Canadiens, in another impressive road win, ended 2008 with six points out of six points on the road, taking out Pittsburgh and Florida beforehand, and now Tampa Bay, with a terribly exciting 2-1 shootout win.


And again, two less-heralded players, Guillaume Latendresse, who tied the game at one, and Maxim Lapierre, coming off a three-goal night in Florida, notched a shootout goal along with Alex Kovalev to win it.


Everything looks good right now for Montreal. The team has won five of their last six games, Carey Price is on top of his game, and everyone is playing well. The only negative right now is Alex Tanguay looks to have some health issues, and Saku Koivu, Chris Higgins, Georges Laraque, and Mathieu Dandenault still need to be fit and ready to go.


Other than that, all’s well in Habland. Watch your back, Boston.




Boston won again, this time against Pittsburgh. And Washington also beat Buffalo.

Enjoy it, you two. You’ll come crashing down soon.


Philadelphia is in Vancouver tonight and it’s just begun. Go Vancouver. (I never thought I’d say that.)

6 thoughts on “Max Does It Again! This Time In The Shootout”

  1. This game was like Chess mixed with speed skating.
    Go Max! Go Gui! Montreal Canadiens secondary scoring: you’re doing it right!
    Carey Price with the Pose. Haha he’s crazy.
    Carbo looked so proud and happy after. It’s so nice to see him smile.

    Canucks haven’t won against the Flyers in 20 years.

  2. Bah! We didn’t WIN the game, we TIED it and we were awarded a bonus point for the anti-hockey event. Hey, they wanna sell The Game? Turn out the lights, use a fluorescent puck, fluorescent sticks, skates, and goalie pads and put the shooters in fluorescent jockstraps – that’ll capture the spirit of the event, eh?

  3. I’m all for the return of “the tie” but you know that’ll never happen. Heck after a crazy back and forth game, there were fans still saying how our team is terrible and etc without really looking at what the players were actually doing. (Fans take good games by how high the score is I guess, which is wrong). Shootouts are kind of a neat way to end a goalie duel, though, since that’s pretty much what the game came down to in the end. Both teams know they worked hard for a “tie” just one gets an extra point according to these wonky standings rules, the method was meaningless and solely for entertainment. Price even said the shootout could have gone either way. (He also has said they’re total crapshoots, but hey, he pretty much became a national hero for bring Canada to the gold medal round with that WJC shootout). Semantics aside, I’ll just take it for what it is. Entertaining and exciting, especially after a game like this one. (They’re great fun live).

  4. number31, I liked your comments and to a certain point your attitude re the crapshoot. My objection is not to the crapshoot per se, rather to labeling and treating it as if it were a natural integral aspect of the game. It is not! Please DO take it for what it is – non-hockey entertainment and don’t go awarding valuable pts to teams for this `crapshoot'(Or a point for losing in overtime .. duh, the game was extended to determine a winner/loser so why the bonus point?). and it’s hardly a `neat’ way to settle a goalie duel. What’s to settle? The issue has already been decided – tie. Exciting? Ha! There is so much more that is exciting not only in any given HOCKEY game but in all walks of life – hell, crossing a main street in a big city is more of a participation sport than the crapshoot and the adrenalin rush hits much harder. I’ll take the real deal over contrived spectacle any day.

  5. I think as long as Americans are running the league, the shootout will stay. For people like Gary Bettman, it’s not so much about integrity as it is about “A big show.”
    If league wanted to do the right thing, they could start by taking away some of the lousy southern franchises and stick them in southern Ontario and Winnipeg.
    For me, though, the bottom line is two points for the Habs.

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