Max Could Be Back! Plus…..We’re Number 11!

Two great pieces of news!

Jacques Martin says Max Pacioretty could be back in time for the playoffs!

And the upcoming April edition of GQ magazine lists Montreal Canadiens fans as the 11th worst fans in America!

1: Philadelphia Phillies
2: Philadelphia Eagles
3: West Virginia University Mountaineers

4: Oakland Raiders
5: University of Maryland Basketball
6: Boston Red Sox
7: Penn State University Football

8: Duke University Basketball
9: New York Yankees
10: Louisiana State University Football
11: Montreal Canadiens
12: Dallas Cowboys
13: University of Wisconsin Football

14: University of Oregon Basketball
15: Los Angeles Lakers


11. Montreal Canadiens
Frostbitten Hooligans

Forget the riots that erupted last May after the Canadiens made it to the Eastern Conference final; they were nothing compared with the hordes of looters who set fire to five police cars during the 2008 playoffs simply because Montreal advanced past the first round. Meanwhile, inside the Bell Centre, the only things people boo more frequently than the U.S. national anthem are their own players. In 2003, team veteran Patrice “Breeze-by” Brisebois was heckled almost every time he touched the puck; the jeering was so intense it likely induced a stress-related irregular heartbeat. How did then GM Bob Gainey feel about his bloodthirsty fan base? “I think they’re a bunch of gutless bastards, to be honest,” he said.

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9 thoughts on “Max Could Be Back! Plus…..We’re Number 11!”

  1. If Montreal is in America, why do I have free health care and high gas prices?

    From what I’ve heard (since I’m not the target audience), GQ isn’t as widely read or respected as it used to be.

  2. rookie, high gas prices yes, but free health care, i don’t think so. y’all paying big for that.

  3. Hi Rookie. GQ also isn’t a sports mag either and probably knows very little about NHL teams. I wonder how they would rate NHL teams in terms of most passionate? Habs fans would win hands down.

  4. Dennis,

    I have to say that I’ve pretty much heard of all of those.

    Two thoughts.

    Obviously all the nice people in Philly watch hockey……

    I said pretty much all of them, but I have to say that while I know a lot of people go mountaineering I’d never thought of it as a spectator sport. And West Virginia? If they can get that worked up about watching a few people dangling around on ropes, maybe Gary could sell ’em a hockey franchise.

    In other news……..

    The package is in London. The good offices of HM Royal Mail brought it to my door. Unfortunately there was no-one at home. It resides in a depot in Hackney awaiting me collecting it.

    The excitement chez Bayou is building to bursting point. But fear not. This is not West Virginia. This is Blighty. Stiff upper lip. Self Control.

  5. Does anyone read or care about GQ?

    Forbes magazine is much more respected and they put Montreal Canadien fans as the 11th best. The other NHL teams on the list are also the last 3 teams to win the Stanley Cup so they’re mostly just bandwagoneers.

    Their list of America’s Best Sports Fans
    1. Boston Red Sox
    2. Pittsburgh Steelers
    3. Detroit Red Wings
    4. Indianapolis Colts
    5. New England Patriots
    6. Pittsburgh Penguins
    7. Boston Celtics
    8. San Antonio Spurs
    9. Dallas Cowboys
    10. St. Louis Cardinals
    11. Montreal Canadiens
    12. Los Angeles Lakers
    13. Cleveland Cavaliers
    14. New York Yankees
    15. Philadelphia Phillies
    16. Chicago Blackhawks

    It’s great the Max might be back, but I agree with BB from a previous post and hope he’s not rushing and risking more permanent damage. With a broken vertebra he’s probably very stationary now, hopefully concussion symptoms won’t emerge as he starts exercising more. If he comes back, we will need him in play-off shape, not pre-season shape.

  6. Hah! Is that ever funny, Chris, that some teams in the worst list are also on the best list.

  7. Huh. Now Montreal is in America. While vacationing in the South once upon a time, a youngster asked me where I was from. When I said ‘Canada’ and asked him if he knew where that was, he said, yeah, it’s in the U.S.S.R.. True story folks. I wonder if this kid grew up and became a writer for GQ?

    Would love to know the criteria for what constitutes the ‘worst fans’.
    Also, if their search extended beyond their borders, what stops them from crossing the pond and including a little bit of the soccer fans in the mix?

    Max Patch…we love you but please don’t rush it. As selfishly as we miss watching you, the ‘Mommy’ in us wants to make sure you are 1000% healed. Go bulldogs, Go!

  8. Good one, Marjo. I think the nastiest fans are in Boston and Philly. I know from a friend in Boston that it can get ugly for anyone wearing a Habs jersey at a game there. And your story about the kid and the USSR is sad but not surprising. Many down there think that the weather drops 30 degrees right at the border.

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