Max Bottle-Spotting, Van Fans Bottle-Drinking

Max Pacioretty’s personal water bottle has been spotted on the boards at the Habs training rink, and unless it’s a prank or someone grabbed the wrong bottle, or he’s simply just working out, is it possible Max could suit up for Tuesday’s drama?

How great would that be? Maybe he wouldn’t play a lot of minutes or earn first star, (or maybe he would!) but rusty or not, and tentative or not, Max would give his team such a psychological boost, and all of us – players and fans, will take every psychological boost we can get right now.

Maybe Max could do something about the rat’s nose. We’ll somebody please blow Marchand’s nose. With a fist.


There are certainly a lot of nervous Vancouver Canucks fans in my neck of the woods and I feel for them. I know what it’s like to have a team not getting it done.

It seems only milliseconds ago that Canucks fans were a relaxed and confident bunch, watching their team cruise to 117 points in the regular season, ten more than the second place overall Washington Capitals, with smoothy Daniel Sedin first in the league in points, brother Henrik 4th, and Ryan Kesler 15th. Chicago, meanwhile, made the playoffs by the skin of their teeth and looked to be a walk in the park for the formidable Vancouverites.

The Sedins now, after six playoff games, are a combined two goals, one assist, and minus thirteen, and the Hawks are ready to send the twins back to Sweden for an early summer.

Oh, those crazy playoffs.

Canucks fans have every right to feel nervous. More than nervous. More like depressingly glum. Their team won the first three against the Hawks, then got blown out 7-2 and 5-0, and last night in overtime Chicago evened the series at three apiece. Vancouver’s goaltending situation is a mess with Roberto Luongo not stopping pucks the way he’s supposed to, and Cory Schneider, starting in game six, pulled a muscle and was replaced by Luongo who once again didn’t stop the necessary rubber.


But again, it’s the crazy playoffs which means Vancouver could come out and destroy Chicago and make everyone forget the soap opera. Or they could lose and Montreal would just get several million new fans as they they polish off Boston and move on.

6 thoughts on “Max Bottle-Spotting, Van Fans Bottle-Drinking”

  1. Hey Dennis,A Hab -Canuck final would suit me just fine,if only the hockey gods and hary buttman would allow this ,we could all sit down with our fellow Habitants of B.C. and enjoy what would be a great series.Let the games begin.

  2. Dennis, according to H I/O Max was on the ice in Brossard for the team practice along with Josh Gorges and Andrei Markov but they skated on a separate ice surface away from the rest of the team as part of their rehab.

  3. If Schnieder has a pulled muscle, he won;t be back for game 7. He’s gone for at least a week. Would be nice if Max were to play. He’s young enough to recover quickly and a player of his size and caliblre would make an impact but I think the risk of putting him out there with Troglodyches like Chara, Thronton, Horton and Lucy would be too great. Wait til the next round where the talent increases.

  4. You’re right, Mayo. Save him for the next round. I hope he’s just about ready to go. It would be great to see him on the ice again. He’s the only point-getting power forward we have. Moen doesn’t have the hands.

  5. Derry, that matchup is what all Canadians want and probably what all Americans don’t wan’t. Tuesday’s going to be very interesting.

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