Max And Price Again!

Two games, two goals, two wins.

With lone goals in both games scored by Max. With Carey Price standing on his head and being first star in both. With the other team on Saturday, the Washington Capitals, getting all sorts of chances, outshooting the Canadiens 36-30, hitting a handful of posts, but leaving with nothing as they fall 1-0 to that crazy bunch of beautiful bastards.

A fine few hours of solid entertainment. Back and forth, chances galore, a touch of nastiness. And a win that makes it five in a row for the Canadiens, with Price’s second straight shutout tying him with Patrick Roy for fifth all time amongst Habs goaltenders with 29.

Now it’s Sunday for another 1:00 pm matinee (10:00 am where I am), with the Habs hosting the Phoenix Coyotes.

I won’t see it. You might recall that a family-related matter was one of the reasons we had to move back to the coast from Montreal. Sunday, when the game is on, Lucy and I will be on our way to Victoria to continue dealing with this complicated mess.

But if I can get to a place sometime during the day where there’s Wi-Fi, like a pub or Tim Hortons, I can at least see the score and maybe throw my two cents in. But that’s a long shot.

I’m guessing the Canadiens will win 1-0 against the Coyotes, on a goal by Max Pacioretty, and with Carey Price showing once again that he has no equal.

8 thoughts on “Max And Price Again!”

  1. Dennis— strength to you and Luci on Sunday !!!Can relate Bro.
    On a hockey note–PJ Stock could’t contain himself during first intermission talking about P.K.!!!! Maybe he has opened his eyes. My channel followed the game with 1 hr of game 6 1984??Nordiques vs Habs. TWO GAMES IN ONE DAY!!!!!Again,Dennis, wish you a even temperament for Sunday’s visit. Peter

  2. Hey Dennis, Well whats better then the Habs winning two in a row with a 1-0 score…nothing, unless theywin the cup this spring.I was on the edge of my seat for the entire game, another 1-0 affair that had all kinds of excitement, who says you need a ton of goals to make the game worth watching?…Gary Bettman does cause he doesn’t really have a clue about the game. I will be watching tomorrow for ya buddy.

  3. I actually found the sports eat broadcasters tolerable. Head and shoulders above cbc and tsn. Even pj stock wasn’t his usual idiot self. His comment re: Gally getting a ‘old fashioned’ stick wash made me want to punch him in the face. He lives in Montreal? Brave shit head. Surprised someone there hasn’t given him an old fashioned bar beat down. Subban is becoming a monster on D! He’s going to be a beat down player in a couple of years. His nasty streak is starting to show.

    Sorry about family woes Dennis. If ure living in or again, I can PVR game so u can watch at later date. Travel safe.

  4. If my math is correct, Carey Price has stopped everything for the past 2 hours and 33 minutes of hockey. The last time he was scored on was midway through the second period last Tuesday against the Stars.

    He’s in the zone.

    Hope things turn out OK for you and the family soon Dennis.

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