Max And Chara Talk, And PK Annoys

I see that Zdeno Chara has had a chat with Max Pacioretty sometime recently and that’s good. If Chara spoke from his heart, saying he worried for Max and never wanted to hurt but simply erase him from the play, then that’s excellent.

Of course, it isn’t good if Chara warned Max to never, ever push him again after scoring an overtime goal.

Maybe now Mark Recchi will step forward and say he was out of line for saying Max embellished his injury. Or is the former Hab still having trouble removing his foot from his mouth?

Elliotte Friedman on rookie of the year –  He chooses Jeff Skinner, but also had this to say –

“You know who is not getting enough respect? John Carlson.
He led all rookies in ice time, both for the season and per game. He was six points behind Kevin Shattenkirk, who led diaper-dandy defencemen in scoring. Carlson and Karl Alzner became the shutdown pair on a team that changed its system at Christmas and charged at the end to win the East. That’s pretty good.

P.K. Subban’s chances are hurt because he annoys people. That’s unfortunate, because he had a major impact on a decimated blue-line. But Carlson had a better year.”

Carlson had a better year? He had 7 goals and 30 assists for 37 points, plus 44 PIM’s. PK notched 14 goals and 24 assists for 38 points and 124 PIM’s. The Canadiens relied heavily on PK after losing Andrei Markov and Josh Gorges for the season and Jaroslav Spacek for 23 games. PK is such an impact player that the Bruins will be concentrating hard on him as he can be a game-breaker.

And he annoys people? What does that have to do with anything? If Bobby Orr had annoyed some, does that mean he wouldn’t have won all those Norris’? It’s about skill, impact, importance to team, points and other intangibles. It shouldn’t be about whether PK annoys some players or not.

Am I wrong or was Friedman’s statement one of the sillier things you’ve seen lately? Hall of Famers and others throughout the decades annoyed other players too.

Wayne Gretzky used to tell Gary Lupul he was useless and didn’t belong in the league. Gretzky was a known trash-talker and that annoyed others I’m sure. Alexander Mogilny, after being asked by his Vancouver Canucks’ coach (who I won’t name) to do more backchecking, replied, “And how much money do YOU make?’ To me, that’s also pretty annoying.

Ted Lindsay would call Rocket Richard every hateful and racist name he could think of. That must have been tremendously annoying.

But PK’s a rookie and is supposed to behave. The unwritten rule is that you can’t be annoying until you’ve been around a few years. Too bad.


16 thoughts on “Max And Chara Talk, And PK Annoys”

  1. speaking of annoying, i just saw pj stock on tv for the first time tonite…. makes me long for ward cornell.

  2. Dennis,

    Oh lordy, Boone’s dropped the gloves and gone for Cherry.

    I was amused by this from Boone in the Gazette.

    If it’s any comfort to Boone and others, I believe in the wider world, Dapper Don Cherry lags a long way behind an awful lot of other Canadians in name recognition and has done less damage to Canada internationally than drilling for shale oil and Celine Dion. But hey that might change.

    On my way home I’m going to ask people in the streets of north London whether they recognise Gordon Lightfoot (the second greatest Orillian after a well known private brewer of strong beer) or Don Cherry.

    I know the result already (’cause if it comes out wrong I’m going to lie to you).

    And Mayo deserves quote of the day. As I quietly wept after Chelsea went out of the Champions League last night, his comment made me laugh out loud.

  3. On the Subban issue Dennis, Friedman’s comment is clearly fatuous in as far as one team’s star often attracts the derision of other team’s fans.

    What I found curious was how quickly Subban attracted negative press, ably stoked it must be said by HNIC and the like.

    And who are these people he annoys? Other players? You mean he’s more annoying to other pros than a gob-on-legs like Marchand, who can’t take a clean hit without whining.

    Fans? Where have the fans got all the hate from? He hasn’t done anything, be it celebration, chirping or whatever that we don’t see week in week out on the ice. There’s probably a whole mix of reasons that go to make a a pile of farmyard poo we don’t want to prod around in too much.

    But, just by making that comment Friedman is singling out Subban yet again. They’re obsessed with making something out of nothing the whole time.

    It’s self serving and they need to get over it.

  4. Dennis, if you are friends with everyone, be afraid! To annoy in the NHL is to do your job well. Ask Sean Avery (even though I can’t stand him.) Anyway, that’s life, good for PK for having some grit to his game.

  5. Blue Bayou, when I was writing that, Brad Marchand came to mind. Talk about annoying. And you’re absolutely right – Friedman is singling Subban out with that comment. Like Bob Gainey said to all these whiners – just shut up and play against him. PK is a breath of fresh air and only Habs fans and a few others seem to get it. The media wants everyone to be cardboard. Great comments, BB.

  6. Blue Bayou, Londoners will know Gordon Ligtfoot for sure. And then they’ll say, “hey, Ernie Kane once worked for Gordon’s father at Wagg’s Laundry in Orillia!” And then they’ll say, “Don Who?” Also BB. When I saw the Chelsea result I thought of you and considered lighting some candles but I was going to bed and didn’t want to burn the house down.

  7. Dennis,

    Health and Safety in the home has to trump everything, but the sentiments are appreciated 🙂

  8. About PK annoying, I think Friedman’s point is that the media votes on the awards. So if PK annoys Mike Richards, and Richards talks about it the Philly media, and they believe him, then the Philly media are less likely to vote for Subban. So it works against him that way. Throw in the Boston media, and Leafs media, and Rangers media, and it all adds up to not looking so good for PK.

    Heads up against Carlson, Subban has the worst plus/minus (plus 21 for Carlson, minus 8 for Subban). And those penalty minutes aren’t great either. Subban led the league in minor penalties taken. That means he’s leaving his team shorthanded an awful lot.

  9. while we’re on the subject of calder candidates, how about Michael Grabner of the Isles? This guy scored over 30 goals while playing with nothing and nobody.

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