Maurice Richard Sales And Service

The Rocket tried a lot of different things to make a few extra bucks during and after his career because he wasn’t rich like Scott Gomez. They included, along with the usual team duties – beer rep for Dow and Molsons/O’Keefe; a Laurier Life Insurance PR guy; and he owned a pub (Tavern 544/9); General Fishing Lines, which he operated out of his basement; Capri Electronics; and Maurice Richard T.V., a colour T.V. sales and service business. I’m sure I haven’t listed all of them.

Below is an invoice I have from Maurice Richard T.V., from April 28, 1967, to a customer named Yvan Claude Marchand, who had just bought himself a nice, new Zenith for about the same amount as one would pay nowadays.

Television throughout the ’60s had lousy colour. At least any I ever saw. A lot of red and orange, and often, people’s skin would be green or orange or maybe blue. My folks never had a colour TV until well into the 1970’s and I was long gone from the house, but I remember when I was a teen and would see colour sets at friends’ places and was never all that impressed. It’s come a long way baby.



5 thoughts on “Maurice Richard Sales And Service”

  1. It really blows my mind that these guys would play hockey and have every day jobs as well. I for one would love to see this again. Pay each player the same salary…it’s a greedy world we live in.

  2. Greedy world for sure, Marjo. Players finally made strides with their union and got more benefits, including more money and time off at Christmas. And because owners were so used to getting a large percentage of profits, they raised ticket prices to make up the difference. And as tickets went up, so did salaries. Now, both owners and players are wildly rich, and the ones who have to pay through the nose are us.

  3. I think the TV salesman over-charged the customer by $1.24

    $397 x 8% sales tax = $31.76

    $397 + $31.76 = $428.76 not $430

    And there was only one channel on that TV. Channel 9.

  4. Danno, Good eye. I hope Mr. Marchand wasn’t too upset about that. He did get a nice Zenith after all.

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