Mats Sundin Needs a Holiday

Mats Sundin has decided to wait until after Christmas and the New Year before he starts play with the Vancouver Canucks.


However, because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day  on January 19th and the Chinese New Year on  January 26th, Sundin has decided he won’t be able to play until after that.


Sundin also mentioned that because Ash Wednesday is an important day for him on February 25, he won’t be able to play until after that also. 


“I was hoping to get started in March but St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th is an important day for me, so it might have to be after that,” he mentioned.


“Oh, and you can’t expect me to play on Palm Sunday (April 5th) or Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday (April 10, 12, 13th) so my anxiously-awaited debut may have to wait until after that.”


Sundin did manage to make everyone feel better when he mentioned that he’s probably available after Mother’s Day on May 10th. 

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