7 thoughts on “Mats Sundin – Give The Money Back And Go Home”

  1. haha..


    Since his signing… certainly hasn’t been the jolt they’ve wanted. They’re sinking…

    Gonna watch them VS the Wild tonight…. even though I’m not a Canucks fan either…


  2. Dennis: Please refrain from being a hater. I know a lot of people who do sloppy work while on the job and still take home their pay cheque.

    p.s. Not speaking of you of course……..

  3. ah come on Canucks fans! A month ago you were all over this blog gloating about Sundin’s return and claiming he was the Savior. We endured through all of it, now please let us have a bit of Mats’ (and your) expense!

  4. I still believe that Sundin `can’ make a difference. No, he’s not a saviour but then no player is, especially a player suspended in the less than `uplifting’ dimension of canuckeland.

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