11 thoughts on “Mats Sundin Ate Food And Went To The Bathroom Recently”

  1. Dennis your crackin’ me up…..how ’bout we talk about Lou finally announced to the Allstar team……He speaks French too!

  2. J.P. Barry, Sundin’s agent, was quoted earlier as saying
    “After the dinnertime deadline had passed, Mats had the choice of #1 or #2. The appeal of #1 was that of an immediate sense of relief while #2 offered a much more fulfilling long-term option. After announcing that he was not in fact certain if he needed to go to the bathroom at all, Mats announced that he would make his decision in the coming hour.”

    An hour passed and Mats still had not made up his mind on whether to sit or stand. Mats then proceeded to say that he might try to combine a #1 and #2 in one go but was still unsure as to whether he genuinely had to go. Bob Gainey was heard in the background saying, “Shit or get off the pot, Mats”.

    Another hour passed without any decision from Mats when suddenly, J.P. Barry exited the door to the bathroom and announced to the gather media scrum that Mats had finally come to a decision. After much disbelief from the crowd, Mats approached the podium, coughed once and said, “After much deliberation and careful weighing of the benefits of each of my options, I decided that neither #1 or #2 suited my needs and I instead decided to stick my finger down my throat and try this whole thing again next year when I feel I will be better prepared, mentally and physically to make the right choice at this point in my career.”

    TSN is reported to be preparing an all-day special covering every detail of Mats’ decision.

  3. DK: We must take pity on poor Lawrence & not mock him.because as he states ALL Cunuck fans suffer from Legionaires Disease. This now explains why they can’t help being Canukleheads.
    By the way Happy New Year “Jim”, always look foreward to your posts,but when you had the chance you should have adopted poor Gaston !
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!

  4. mike: why thank you, mike – same to U. And, yes, I truly regret I did not kidnap poor Gaston when the opportunity presented itself. Also, thanks for the insight re Canuckleheaddom. I always assumed Canuckleheads are the way they are simply because they don’t know their hockey. Now, I know why they don’t.

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