Mats Sundin A Canucklehead

Mats Sundin has just signed with Vancouver, and there’s nothing that I could possibly say that hasn’t been said or will be said.


Except this:


I’m going to laugh like crazy if he turns out to be mediocre, or gets hurt and plays very little. The hockey world has treated this guy like he’s Wayne Gretzky, Rocket Richard, and Mario Lemieux all wrapped in one. And the hockey world has let him write his own ticket – money, when he’ll play, and where he’ll play, and whether he feels like playing at all. And now he’s going to wait until he enjoys his Christmas and New Year’s before he joins the Canucks. They say we’re in a recession? Not so in pro sports.


Talk about a guy dictating to the league how it’s going to be.


I’ve never seen anything like this before. And Montreal lost a second-round draft pick trying to get this guy.

10 thoughts on “Mats Sundin A Canucklehead”

  1. Being a die hard canucks fan my whole life I should be more excited about this move but there is a part of me that is a little unsettled by it, maybe its because of what happened with Messier in 1997. Dennis couldnt of said it better by saying Sundin wrote his own ticket. But if all goes well though this is the guy the canucks need, They have one of the best set up men in the league with Henrik Sedin ( dont argue it, hes been in the top 5 in assists the past 3 years in the league) They have decent scorers in Henrik Sedin and Pavol Demitra and Ryan Kesler, There defensive core is one of the most solid and balanced in the league, Roberto Luongo is arguably the best goalie in the world and on top of all that they might have the grittiest team in the league that doesnt lack any tuffness, all there missing is a big power forward with an all star scoring touch, and they definitely have that in Sundin, if he can bring his “A” game for the rest of the year then the Canucks have to be looked at as serious contenders. They are in a 3 way tie for the 3rd best team in the Western Conference, and they are tied for first place in there division and they have done all this so far with the team they already had and without Roberto Luongo for parts of it. I think the future looks bright for the canucks

  2. I never understood the hype surrounding Sundin for the past year. He deliberately screwed the Leafs last spring (which? honestly? I couldn’t care less, but it did show what he’s made of), and then acted like the prettiest girl in high school this season, waiting to see if the cutest boy would ask her to the prom.
    And really, if he’s anything like he was with the Leafs, I’ve got $5 (Canadian!) that says the Canucks don’t get very far in the playoffs this year, or any other year that Sundin is with them.

  3. Prediction: Sundin will make a substantial difference for the Canuckleheads. (RATS!) He is still a top-notch player who will bring not only his talent but his leadership to the team – he will enhance team chemistry not detract from it. I agree with jordy that the Canuckleheads are now serious contenders because it’s not `if’ Sundin will bring his `A’ game but an emphatic affirmative. Gillis knows his hockey!

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