Mathieu Schneider Should Help The Habs

Mathieu Schneider’s a Hab.

What, you say all they’ve done is go out and get a long-in-the-tooth veteran with his best days behind him?

But if that’s what Bob Gainey could get for now, then that’s what we get. Because, aside from Andrei Markov, the others aren’t getting the job done. Roman Hamrlik, Mike Komisarek, Francis Bouillon, Josh Gorges, Patrice Brisebois, Mathieu Dandenault, and Ryan O’Byrne haven’t been good on a nightly basis, not even close. So Schneider has to help. How could he not? 

Even a small shakeup for a fragile team like Montreal is a big shakeup. Ruffle some feathers. Wake somebody up. It becomes more of an incentive than any coach’s talk, or night of bowling, or pointing of fingers. Maybe it’s just the beginning of a few more deals in Montreal. And as a result, players may suddenly show some passion in their play because they know they’re on the bubble.

So I think Mathieu Schneider will help the Montreal Canadiens. He’s a solid, rushing, good-skating defenceman with lots of experience. He could be a welcomed addition to the struggling power play. And he knows about the pressure of playing in Montreal.

Something had to be done. This is a good start.

2 thoughts on “Mathieu Schneider Should Help The Habs”

  1. Should be a solid player for you guys, a little worn down over the years but still a solid d-man.

    Jim and all the other habers im sure you watched the canucks and habs last night and even tho the outcome didnt work out in your guys’ favor i think that you gotta admit it was a good game of hockey to watch. The late goal in the second was deffinately the difference maker.

  2. jordy, much as I enjoy giving the gears to canuckleheads, I am not unreasonable: yeah, your guys deserved the V, they played better than us, but then, these days, who doesn’t? I like to believe that this stretch of bad play is merely a slump, a kind of natural developmental phase during which we are redefining/regrouping prior to ascending to the level of intensity necessary to compete for the Cup – you know, the pupa/butterfly thing.

    On the other hand, I do shudder with dread at the nightmarish possibility that what is going on is not a healthy form of metamorphosis rather some kind of bizarre metempsychosis whereby we are gradually being possessed by the C/canucklehead soul which is in the process of mutating into a hydra-like monster whose, hehe, sole purpose is to reduce the entire NHL, begging with it’s greatest team, to the same level of bland it’s-all-good the-sun-will-rise-tomorrow C/canuckleheadedness. O! The horror! The horror of it all!

    p.s. Yup, Sundin is gradually starting to make his presence felt. It will be interesting to see if he can give that extra little ooomph that your guys need.

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