Mathieu Darche Stays Employed

Habs’ utility forward Mathieu Darche has signed a one-year $700,000 contract with Montreal, which is only $2,550,000 less than what Andrei Kostitsyn signed for yesterday, but nevertheless, it’s still great money for a great job.

Darche is a no-frills, hard-working player, and every team has guys like him, those in the trenches getting it done, and whose hockey card is worth three cents and will always be worth three cents. And from time to time he pots a big goal and the crowd goes wild.

And being a no-frills type doesn’t take away from the importance. Because for every Guy Lafleur you need a Murray Wilson or Jim Roberts. Or to fill up space with other examples, the Rolling Stones had Bill Wyman in the shadows behind the Jagger/Richards act, Led Zeppelin had the unheralded John Paul Jones helping Robert Plant and Jimmy Page look good, and Archie and Jughead had Pop Tate keeping them from going hungry.

Darche tries to make the most of the few minutes he’s given each game, and he seems like he’s an absolute class act. He also had twelve goals last season compared to Scott Gomez’s pathetic seven, but I digress.

Welcome back, Mathieu.

Historical footnote:

The abovementioned former Stone Bill Wyman started having a serious relationship with his girlfriend Mandy Smith when he was 47 and she was 14.  

3 thoughts on “Mathieu Darche Stays Employed”

  1. Excellent signing. I trust that Darche will one day fit into Montreal’s coaching plans as I believe Darche has a lot that he can pass onto the younger players and an incredible work ethic as well.

  2. Good point, Don. And to add to those qualites is his intelligence – McGill and all that. I never thought about the idea of him some day becoming a coach and it seems entirely possible and a great idea.

  3. Actually once he’s done playing he said he’d like to not be a coach but work in a front-office type job (marketing is his thing). Who knows, maybe he’ll join the staff on the business side one day 😀

    Now Hal Gill! There’s a coach in the making.

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