Markov Will Hoist The Stanley Cup In His Street Clothes

We were hoping it might be different, but it comes as no surprise that Andrei Markov is officially gone for the season and we’re going to roll with what we have, which seems to be just fine.

Markov will go under the knife on December 8, which is my sister Carla’s birthday and the assassination date of John Lennon, to repair a meniscus and reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

What? It’s only a menicus repair and anterior cruciate ligament? Heck, Kane’s Really $%#@& Strong Beer will fix that little problem. Or has he considered a female Asian masseuse?

8 thoughts on “Markov Will Hoist The Stanley Cup In His Street Clothes”

  1. So why have you not yet sent Markov a year’s supply of Kane’s Really $%#@& Strong Beer yet Dennis? Surely this is merely an oversight on your part?

    Can you hear me crying? I hope my lament for Markov becomes a hallelujah for the Habs if PG makes a good move, waits for the right opportunity, and gets a proper 2nd line winger to fill that gaping hole. This might just turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Or else I’m just drunk again.

  2. Will he still be around to watch the team win the Cup without him? He’s a free agent next year. He’s only played 7 games this year after playing only 1/2 of last season and only the first playoff round.

    Will we trade his rights first? Can we get anything for them now? Their value will probably go up over the season and peak in June when no salary is left to be paid.

    If he can return to full strength and abilities, he’s worth big $$$. But what happens if comes back making the big $$$ and turns into another Wade Redden or Gomez. At what point do we cut our losses?

    I’d love to be a fly in Gauthier’s office.

  3. If Markov takes less money, it’d be nice to have him back for cheap when he’s healthy.

    But all those ASG votes just went down the drain…

  4. Hey Dennis,Sad news as far as Markov’s season goes,good news is that they will probably let him heal properly this time.I think he was back to soon,as he is very valuable to the Habs,but knees are not something you piss around with.
    Watching the Habs and Sharks after two,close checking game ,Mr Price is once again ,the key to the winning door.

  5. Hey Dennis, Well Mr. Price Carey’d the team once again to victory.I love the way he outhinks the shooter just about everytime.He is back to the way he was a couple of years ago,just missed scoring his own goal but played phenominal through all of it.Thomas Plekanec played great as well,the guy just doesnt stop.I think he should have been the captain of this team.

  6. Derry, that’s a good point about Plekanec as captain. Although it’s not always the best player picked. Gionta hasn’t played great wearing the C but it could change. It better.

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