Markov Out Tonight

Hockey Inside/Out reports that Andrei Markov won’t play tonight against the Senators because of an upper-body injury. Well, we got three games out of him after a year and half which is more than what some thought.

The only time I saw Markov receive some sort of injury in the last game was when he took a puck in the mouth. Is that the upper-body injury? Or is that a lower-face injury?

There’s been no shortage of folks who have believed all along that this guy is completely injury-prone and we shouldn’t be relying too heavily on him, and maybe they’re right. Or are the Canadiens playing games with us? Is he injured? Has his knee problem returned and they’re not telling us? Or is it a real upper-body injury that isn’t serious and we’ll see him back next game?

Three games and he’s out again. It’s giving me upper-head problems.

3 thoughts on “Markov Out Tonight”

  1. Hey Dennis,I would be thinking it has something to do with the puck in the mouth.I got hit in the mouth with the puck back in January but not as hard a shot as that one was.It split me open but no damage to my teeth as the one it hit has been dead for 30 years ,the last time I got hit in the mouth with the puck.I am hoping he is okay and will be back for the next game.

  2. From my understanding, the NHL only requires the team to report upper or lower body injury. Stupid, why bother? Just say sore mouth from puck in the face. Or just say injured and we’ll assume something lame like the Sen’s Anderson’s boo boo of the pinky.

    I use the TSN page to see the injury status of players and teams.

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