Markov’s Back When He’s Back

It’s now been announced that Andrei Markov won’t return to the lineup before the end of the week and probably more like the end of the month. Or even longer. 

This goes completely against what Montreal media guy Tony Marinaro told us previously when he said on Twitter that his sources had informed him Markov would be in the lineup last Saturday against Ottawa.

Some sources.

This is a good example of how we can’t go by what anyone predicts and can’t buy into pure speculation only. Things happen when they happen and not before.

I’m embarrassed that I posted Marinaro’s false scoop and it’s a lesson learned.

12 thoughts on “Markov’s Back When He’s Back”

  1. Yes Dennis, rumours are a dime a dozen. And I was sucked in by it — just hoping it would turn out to be true I guess.

    To your credit though, you did not report it as being a fact so if anyone should feel embarassed it’s Tony Marinaro not you.

    I wonder what the accuracy rate is for hockey rumours. Less than 10 per cent I’ll bet. They are easy to invent and fill space when there’s no real news to report.

  2. Hi Danno. I believed it too, and you’re right, I think we just wanted to believe it. I’ll bet the accuracy rate is low too. These so-called experts are a dime a dozen. It’s their job to keep things interesting and rumours are a big part of it. I don’t know much about this Tony Marinaro. Have you listened to his radio show at all? And what are you doing up so early in the morning? I came off graveyards three days ago and I’m still on a night clock – sleep during the day, up all night. It’s frustrating.
    I also wanted to mention that there’s a slight chance of me going to Ottawa, Toronto, and Orillia next spring but I’m not sure yet. But if so, would I ever like to meet you.

  3. Hey Dennis,Dont worry to much about it ,if at all.Some people like to get the “scoop”on things and try to get the advantage on everyone else,this was not the way it was in your case.You were just reporting a hopefull message to us Hab fans.Gossip is the worst form of communication around I would think.Just look how many times Pat Burns has passed away,or Gordon Lightfoot for that matter.Kepep uo your form of reporting buddy.

  4. Dennis, I work strange hours too and I’m up way before the birds are.

    And it would be great to meet you and maybe even catch a game together one day. Over a couple of wobbly pops of course.

    I think the urgency to have Markov return isn’t as high compared to if we off to a really bad start. So maybe the coaching staff decided to reconsider and let him recover completely since there is no real need to rush and have him back at say 80 per cent.

    And I have caught Mariano’s show — anyone can catch it outside of Montreal by going on line to the Team 990 AM

    And maybe it was Mariano’s source who mispoke and in that case his source should be ashamed of him/her self. I guess he won’t be trusting that source any more.

    But either way, rumour mongers like Mariano are winners. Winners if they are right, because they beat everyone to the story. And winners if they are wrong because it gets people talking about them and their radio station/paper/blog whatever.

    Like I just did 🙂

  5. DK, news flash from Tony Marinaro’s latest post. Brett Farve is going to suit up until Markov’s back, you can take this one to the bank!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  6. Thanks Mike. I also heard Elvis is alive and the Beatles will be playing in Powell River. (with John Lennon)

  7. I never believe a Habs rumour until the organization confirms it. Gainey and Gauthier run such a tight ship the CIA is probably jealous.

    Marinaro, the second he called a pharmacist for a medical opinion on Markov’s back issue last season I wrote him off as an Eklund-class source of reliable information.

  8. Right on, Robert. I learned a big lesson from that. I just thought at the time he had the inside scoop by talking to the organization. Or his sources talked to the team. Whatever.

  9. Dennis, I see by the little NHL power rankings doodad on the side that the Habs have skyrocketed from 17th to 8th spot. Not bad for a team that’s still without one of their top players.

  10. You bet, Danno. A few days ago I contacted these power ranking people and asked them why it was taking so long to update the Habs who seemed to stuck in 19th. They apologized, got right on it, and now we’re at 8th. Much better.

  11. I believe during the summer, the estimates weren’t until November. During training camp it was moved earlier, but now it’s moving later.
    In early August I guessed November 6, let’s see if he can beat it.

  12. Hi Christopher. I sure hope it’s before Nov. 6 for a couple of reasons. Number one – we need him, especially on the power play. And number two – I’ve got him in my hockey pool. I’m sitting in 9th place out of ten right now.

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