Markov, Hamrlik, Rocket, And A Dead Deer

I had a close encounter with a deer today on my way to work at 4:30 a.m. We both lost.

The deer is now in deer heaven. My car is a write-off. The entire front end is crunched beyond repair.

If you ever need to wake up in a hurry when you’re going to work, just hit a deer.

So now is not the time to get into anything that takes a while. I see that Andrei Markov and Roman Hamrlik are getting their pens ready to sign on the dotted line, and after this happens, we can only hope that when the new season unfolds, Roman will have found some new zip, and Andrei will suffer nothing more than the odd hangnail. 

I have to go out and try to find a car, but I’ll leave you with this:

Hall of Famer Tom Johnson, who toiled on the blueline for the Canadiens from the late 1940’s to the early 1960’s, told the Montreal Gazette back in 1996 about the time a group of Habs shaved Rocket Richard’s chest during a train trip. “He was a strong guy and it took eight of us to hold him down,” Johnson said. “But he got his revenge while we were sleeping the next night. He took one shoe from each of us and threw it off the train. We arrived in Montreal and it was snowing – and here we were walking through the station with one shoe each.”

20 thoughts on “Markov, Hamrlik, Rocket, And A Dead Deer”

  1. OMG Dennis I’m so glad you are okay! Sucks about the deer and your car, but the important thing is you are not hurt!

    I don’t see how Hamrlik AND Markov both fit unless the Habs are either planning to carry 8 D-men or are offloading someone.

    That’s a great story about the Rocket though. Thanks for sharing. Take care!

  2. Thanks Tyg. The wildlife around here is getting ridiculous. Almost hit a bear last year. Apparently it’s all because there’s so much clear-cutting going on now these animals have nowhere to go except down by the roads. It’s getting very dangerous just to drive to work, which is 30 km away.

  3. Glad to hear you are okay. Sorry for the deer. It must have broke your heart. And good thing it wasn’t a moose… Hope your insurance gets you a decent replacement vehicle.


    TSN is reporting the Habs will play Winnipeg for their home opener in Winnipeg on Oct. 9th…

    The full NHL schedule is expected to be released tomorrow afternoon.

  4. Hey Dennis,Sorry to hear about your involvement with a deer on the highway,not a nice thing.I am in Gold River right now,my son is here before he heads to Kandahar next month.When I was leaving Mackenzie last Saturday a guy flashed his lights at me about an hour into the trip,I was doing the speed limit but slowed down as didn’t quite know what was up.There after the n ext corner was a huge bull moose ,in all his velvet grazing in the ditch on my side of the road,happy to have someone warn me about that,I’m sure you wished for the same thing eh.

  5. Dennis,

    Glad to hear you are in one piece. I assume the deer was a Canucks fan and just couldn’t see the point any more.

    Had he known it was the worlds foremost hockey bloggeur I’m sure he’d have stepped back have waited for the next one.

    Seriously though it all sounds pretty frightening.

  6. speaking of road kill, i just watched the nhl awards. what an embarrassing piece of crap production that was……….. i would like to thank gary buttman and the schmaltzy nhl for wasting a few more hours of my life.

  7. Hobo, I haven’t seen it yet and probably won’t. It’s always embarrassing, with second-rate talent usually. So what you’re saying is, I haven’t missed a thing.

  8. And Blue Bayou, I might have to go to Vancouver Island because the I’m not sure about the selection of cars here. I just can’t seem to find a late-model foreign car for under $500 bucks.

  9. Dennis I’m glad to see that your OK, that’s the most important thing, even before Montreal signing defencemen.

  10. Holly crap, are you okay? Did you get hurt??? That must be the most frightining think, probably felt like your heart was in your throat.

    I and the rest of this world are so happy you are alive.

    God bless.

  11. Hey Dennis

    Definitely more wildlife(deer,cougars,bears) than ever around Powell River.Glad you are OK.A buddy of mine hit a deer on the Barnet Highway while driving a Mazda RX7.He survived!Amazing.I was once on a bus on the Island Highway that hit a deer.Only injury(fatality) was the deer.

    I note some places on Vancouver Island have a real deer problem.

    The NHL Awards Show was ‘not’ watchable.


  12. We just signed Markov for 3 years. Dont think he deserved a raise though as he hasn’t earned his last raise or proven he is healthy. I guess he’s confident that he is. If he is, watch out because he is elite. He’s probably worth 10 points in the standings. PP will be much improved. He can raise the level of play for whole team. A little pricey but glad that is behind us.

  13. Thank you, Marjo. I wasn’t hurt but it sure woke me up. I got this clear liquid sprayed all over my window and still don’t know what that was. Again, thanks, Marjo.

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