Markov And Co. Take Care Of Business

Isn’t it fun when you see an honest, hard-working, hard-skating team like we’ve seen so far from this year’s edition of the Montreal Canadiens? (Aside from the opening night loss to the Leafs).

Another four-goal game from the Habs, their third in a row, with this going to overtime and none other than Andrei Markov beating Martin Brodeur with just 38 seconds remaining before going to the dreaded shootout. Markov now has four goals and an assist, and nobody is as important to his team as this guy is to the Habs. He’s the man. The swizzle stick that stirs the scotch and water.

Just an excellent effort, although the Habs did blow a 3-1 lead in the third. But I’d go as far as saying that even if they’d lost, I’d be happy with what I saw. This isn’t last year’s Montreal Canadiens by a country mile.

How about Rene Bourque. Energized!  Maybe it’s not even Rene Bourque. Maybe it’s his long-lost twin, found in the woods and switched when we weren’t looking. The one who plays like he wants the puck. The one who skated miles and would have popped a few if he wouldn’t keep shooting it over the net.

Brendan Gallagher, second star on the night, scoring his first-ever NHL goal, converting a lovely pass from that other peach-fuzzed new kid on the block, Alex Galchenyuk. And Galchenyuk not only set up Gallagher but also helped Brandon Prust score his first as a Hab.

It wasn’t just a handful who contributed. All four lines were deeply involved, although Lars Eller seemed tentative. But maybe it was to be expected after he sat in the press box for the past couple of games. Erik Cole, to me, played his finest of the four games and skated the way we grew accustomed to last year. Carey Price was again excellent. And Ryan White, with a little help from Alexei Emelin, opened the scoring. How great it is when a plumber helps get the team rolling.

This was a terrific night for the Habs, although they almost blew it before Markov settled things. This new look, exciting squad now has three straights wins and looking good. Can they keep it going?

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot New Jersey 32-25.

Next game – Tuesday, when the Jets come to town.

After such a dismal year last year, followed by the pathetic lockout, seeing these Montreal Canadiens of the past three games is a genuine treat. Bring on the Jets.



11 thoughts on “Markov And Co. Take Care Of Business”

  1. Poochi-Kaa-Pesta!!!! I’m being denied seeing my guys proving the pessimists WRONG!! 57 channels ‘en no Habs Games.The benefits of rural Ont [Chesley,20 mins S.W. /Owen Sound] Mostly wahoo leaf fans. White got a goal,Prust got a goal ?? Who was Corson? OUR family gonna fill some arenas this year. Did coach Thornbush smile last nite. Did GM Birdbegone pump his fist? Love to see enthusiasim AND P> K> low-fiving Carey!!!!

  2. Something is different.

    Instead of playing Jacques Martin style hockey where they play not to lose the Habs are playing Michel Therien’s system where they play to actually win.

  3. Thanks for mentioning Erik Cole’s play Dennis, even though he’s not putting up the numbers, his drives to and his work in front of the net have created a lot of chances for the the team.

  4. A lot of NJ fans are accusing Cole of diving in OT. I need to see that segment again because I swear it looked like he was hauled down. Could just be sour grapes on their part since we did ruin their perfect record (which I am really glad).

    Yeah, this team certainly is a hell of a lot more exciting to watch than last year. I don’t think we’ve seen the team this fun to watch in years. Everyone seems happier that’s for sure.

    One thing that is interesting too is that they all look like they’ve got some great chemistry going – and PK’s not there. What if he comes back and it changes everything? This could get ugly.

  5. Peter Hab, I guess you have to buy a dish. Or wait until I’m owner and I’ll hire you. What would you like to do as an employee? I’ll need to know this. Great win. Love the kids, and Thornbush is a nice change over the last few. He can blow a fuse a the guys know it.

  6. They play to win, Danno. It makes for terrific hockey. And these kids – are they ever fun to watch. We just need a couple more guys to get going and we’re set. Especially with Price holding the fort like he is.

  7. The was the Cole of last year, Ryan. He can really motor, and he crashed the net. I think soon the goals will come. He was an unhappy camper during and after the lockout, and maybe he’s starting to come out of it now. I hope so.

  8. Darth, for sure what a fun team to watch. Those kids – wow! I think Therrien has a lot to do with it because he seems the passionate type, unlike others. NJ fans can say whatever. They had their chances (Kovalchuk etc.) and couldn’t get it done. Those fans should be whining about that instead.

  9. Darth, I remember that play. It was a football play. This is just sour grapes. Cole was held back and then brought down to the ice by Greene.

    And Dennis, I am so glad we are not hearing excuses about how we at least got the (loser) point. We were so used to hearing that last year and it made me sick. I hate the loser point. The team is starting to think like winners and that makes a world of difference.

  10. Denis, thanks for the offer, Could I sing the anthem ONCE, bring Pricey his water bottle twice shake the trainer & equipment man’s hand AND INTRODUCE DENIS & LUCY TO HNIC [w/all yer crony friends] The bench would give a stsnding ovation.

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