Mark Messier Could Become Your New Best Friend

Once again, amateur teams in Canada have a chance to win a special contest where Mark Messier brings the Stanley Cup to the winner’s town and everyone parties the day away with Mark and the Cup.  Bring Home the Cup

This is a nice little prize for sure, and good for Messier for taking part like this. It’s not every professional athlete who would travel to some quaint little town or village in possible inclimate weather and hang out with the locals. Can you see Barry Bonds or some NFL player with gold chains hanging off him doing this?

Anyway, this contest closes on March 12 so if you have a team, maybe you should give it a shot pretty soon. You could ask Messier about Gretzky and Sid the Kid and Sean Avery and all kinds of things, including if he ever considered playing for the Habs and if not, why not.

Franky speaking though, if I won this contest, I’d rather hang out with Jean Beliveau, but I’m sure people would like Messier too.

7 thoughts on “Mark Messier Could Become Your New Best Friend”

  1. Hahaha…
    Good post Dennis.
    I believe the 12th is the last day to enter but voting will go until sometime in April.
    And no, I can’t picture bringing home the MLB trophy and hanging out with Bonds.

  2. Hanging out with Mark Messier would be pretty cool, just as long as he didnt cry. I swear everytime i see this guy on tv hes having a good snivle about something

  3. Jordy, I know. I even thought about mentioning that but decidd not to. But he’s a sensitive guy. I wonder if he drinks beer.

  4. I can’t imagine any professional baseball, football or basketball player doing this, but I think any hockey player would gladly do almost anything to spend a day with the Stanley Cup. It’s a trophy like no other. Does anybody even know what the other sport’s trophy’s are called?
    The guy with the white gloves that baby-sits it all day probably goes home and dreams of lifting it over his head, giving it a kiss and skating a lap around the Forum.

  5. Chris, I’ve said for a long time that the guy with the white gloves, Phil Pritchard, has the best job in the world.

  6. I believe that this contest will be bringing the Cup to Vancouver….just as a warm-up for the awesome and yet eventual outcome of the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, this is where this prize is destined….right Jordy? And Dennis- it will be fine with me if the team is Montreal that subsequently loses to us in this ultimate contest. Go Canucks!!

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