Marjo Won’t Be Seeing Spacek Anymore

If you’ve read my blog, you’ve probably seen Marjo’s name, as she comments quite often about the state of the game and the Habs. She’s a delight, and is a most excellent part of the family here. I’ve already offered her a management position when I own the team. I’m thinking “President Of Making The Organization Even Classier Than It Is” if she doesn’t mind.

Marjo emailed me the other day with a little story, and I asked her if it would be okay if I posted it. She said fine, so here goes:

“My two boys play hockey (one Atom and the other Peewee (and if I can add, these games are very often more exciting than the NHL)).  Anyway, we were at my son’s Peewee game last night and I had to call up a goalie from another team (I manage my boys’ teams) because our goalie got stricken with a bad case of acute asthma which landed him in the hospital for two days (awful).  Anyhow, walking into the arena, there was Geoff Molson!  I came close to bombarding him with the usual questions he’s probably being bombarded with these days, but chose to respect his privacy.  Besides, surely he was there to watch his kid play.

Later, I called our goalie’s mom to see how he was doing in the hospital and she said Moen, Subban and Desharnais came to his room for a visit (the Habs visited the children’s hospital yesterday) and he was cherished with autographs and gifts…

Also, every Sunday night I play hockey for a women’s team down the street.   A couple of months ago, I was ordering a drink upstairs and standing beside me was this guy that looked very familiar.  I said to him: ” For a minute I though you were Jaroslav Spacek!” and with a thick accent, he said: ” I AM JAROSLAV SPACEK!”.  I asked him when he was going back to work and he said tomorrow.  That was when he returned after being injured the first time….I see him pretty regularly every Sunday night, same time.  His kid takes a powerskating class.

It’s a small world over here when it comes to hockey!!”

3 thoughts on “Marjo Won’t Be Seeing Spacek Anymore”

  1. Hey Dennis, Good for Marjo,I wish I had that experience as well.I think that she is lucky to have met Jaro,he seems like a nice guy.I always would watch as the Habs came onto the ice,Jaro was the only player to slap his stick on both of the kids holding the Canadiens flags at the ice entrance gate,that impressed me everytime.I like Spacek,although Kaberle got two assists today,I was a Spacek fan.

  2. Good story.

    It’s a good reminder that trading hockey players isn’t like trading cards. Imagine having your entire family having to relocate at a moments notice. I’m sure his kids have friends here and go to school and suddenly all of it changes. It’s a big reason why athletes get paid as much as they do.

    One of the best goalies in lacrosse is refusing to play in Minnesota, the team that drafted him out of a dispersal draft from Boston. He is now refusing to play for them because he doesn’t want his family to have to move but mostly, because he has a good job as a teacher where he currently lives. This is arguably the best goalie in the world and he still needs a second job and I respect his decision to stay put even if it means that he sits out a season. Funny how things work. Anyway, when people complain about how much pro athletes make someone should remind them of what kind of commitment that takes, although often there are excessive amounts of money going around.

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