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As a trucker in 1992 or ’93, I was delivering to a grocery distribution centre in Calgary and I noticed a new chocolate candy bar called Mario on the shelves. So I bought a box of 24 for 20 bucks or so, and decided to sit on it forever and see if it became valuable. After several days my ass was getting really sore and the bars were melting.

Today I looked on eBay and saw that single bars are selling for about 3 to 5 bucks, and one person has a box, like the one above, for $197 or best offer.

I also found this official looking announcement elsewhere as I was speeding wildly down the information highway:

PITTSBURGH, Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ — National Hockey League superstar Mario Lemieux will have his own candy bar, it was announced today.

The “Mario Bar,” announced at a press conference here today, is the first consumer food product to bear Lemieux’s name and marks the first time a hockey player is to be featured on a nationally and internationally marketed candy bar. Each “Mario Bar” will include a collector’s card with a photograph of and vital statistics on Lemieux. A select number of cards will feature an authentic Mario Lemieux autograph.

Lemieux, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ center and the most valuable player of the past two Stanley Cup Championship series, has signed a contract with Pittsburgh Food & Beverage, Inc., parent company of D.L. Clark Company and Wayne Candies, Inc. The “Mario Bar,” a specially packaged version of the caramel Bun(R) Bar, is expected to arrive at retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada by early March 1993.

“I’m excited about having my own candy bar. It tastes great, has a connection to the city of Pittsburgh, and shows that major companies are recognizing the sport of hockey,” Lemieux said.

The growing popularity of hockey, with an estimated 45 million fans in the United States and Canada, and Lemieux’s stature as a superstar in the sport made the “Mario Bar” a natural, according to Ty Ballou, vice president of marketing and sales for D.L. Clark Company.

Ballou also noted that a limited-edition run of one million specially packaged Clark(R) Bars, featuring the Pittsburgh Penguins back-to-back Stanley Cup Championships, sold out as quickly as it was produced earlier this year. While distribution of that bar was limited primarily to the tri-state area surrounding Pittsburgh, Ballou expects the “Mario Bar” to be even more popular with consumers throughout the United States and Canada.

A sports celebrity tie-in is nothing new for Pittsburgh Food & Beverage, Inc. Its subsidiary Wayne Candies, Inc. of Fort Wayne, Ind., marketed a similar, top-selling candy bar known as the “Reggie Bar” to honor Reggie Jackson during the height of his popularity in the 1970s.

Pittsburgh Food & Beverage, Inc., (PF&B) is the privately held parent company of the D.L. Clark Company and Wayne Candies, Inc. PF&B’s product mix includes the Clark(R) Bar, Bun(R) Bar, Black Cow(R) and Slo(R) Poke candies. The Pittsburgh-based food and beverage company also operates the Pittsburgh Brewing Company.

-0- 12/16/92


5 thoughts on “Mario Bar”

  1. That’s almost 1000% profit on your investment. Not bad. That would be like buying your house for 200 grand and selling for 2 mil. Or, to bring more perspective to the situation, if Gomez signed a new contract with a 1000% raise he would get 70 mil a year, and all for scoring a season high 2 goals. The Leafs can afford that chicken feed……How much does an authentic Mario autograph fetch? If it is more than 2 hun you could smoke a big phatty, get the munchies and eat all the Mario Bars. You would think there is at least one authentic Mario-graph in a full box. Hopefully they are not smeared with melted chocolate after sitting on them all these years, as you say.

  2. Good stuff, Hobo. But I think Gomez only deserves a 500% raise.
    I have this magazine here that was sent to me, and it lists a bunch of autographs for sale. (and all overpriced as far as I’m concerned) and they have these signed things from Mario. 8×10 photo – $269; 16×20 photo – $299; stick – $499; replica jersey – $799.
    You see, this is what’s wrong with pro sports now. Greed and mega-bucks.

  3. Mega-bucks has ruined sports. As a kid I used to think it was so unfair that hard working hockey players were paid so little especially compared to baseball players who basically just stand around in the sun for a couple hours. Now I just think of the old “Be careful what you wish for” saying.

  4. Hey Dennis,too bad they never came out with a Bettman Bar,I would think it would not have the same popularity as Mario’s chocolate surprise, but you wouldn’t have to digest it to turn it into shit.

  5. The Gomez Bar:

    Overpriced, disappears on you for long periods of time, and gives you only two small pieces. It also promises to fill you up “next year”.

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