Marian Gaborik Buys A Shack

Minnesota Wild star forward Marian Gaborik, who becomes a free agent in a couple of days, has just bought a house in West Vancouver. West Vancouver real estate, by the way, is as expensive as it gets.

So I suppose it’s not rocket science to assume that Gaborik is about to sign with the Canucks. And if you were hoping he would end up in Montreal, forget it. Anyway, there’d be no money left for Gaborik after the Habs sign Jay Bouwmeester, Vincent Lecavalier, and the Sedin twins. Holy smokes, what a team we’re going to have!

6 thoughts on “Marian Gaborik Buys A Shack”

  1. Dennis;Why would the Habs pay the Sedin sisters that amount of money when they already have an underachiever on the roster named Kovalev?

  2. But they’re not really underachieving because they average about a point a game. But they’re not worth a twelve year contract that they’re asking for from Vancouver. It’s just craziness. And Kovalev was the Habs best player in the playoffs, although that’s not saying much.

  3. I’ve always gone for fellas with the unisex 1st name…..and he’s not as old as D. Cherry. He’s young and full of spunk, but did he not have an injury filled last season?? Anyway,I hope you get that fantasy team of yours DK….I’ll always be a Canuck’s fan–BUT I appreciate good freakin’ hockey where ever it is played, on the big screen or the pavement when Luongo shows up to join in. (don’t call him Roberta either)

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