I don’t care if this guy scores the odd big goal. He’s a freakin’ joke and his teammates need to talk to him. Hey Bruins’ fans. Embarrassed?

This guy makes my blood boil.

Thanks to Darth for sending this over. It’s got me in the right frame of mind to fight traffic today.


4 thoughts on “Marchand”

  1. My exact feelings as well Dennis.
    Marchand is a weasel boy with a NOSE…..can’t stand the little twit!!
    I don’t care who wins the cup as long as the Bruins don’t.
    Oh yah…and then there is Chara the goon!

    Anyhow have a safe trip home.

  2. I love how many Boston fans go on and on like their team is nothing but a bunch of saints who do no wrong and yet even when video evidence exists they still think that way!

    If that had been one of us and this was a Montreal/Boston series? Can you imagine the howling those hypocrites would be doing?

  3. Darth, Bruins fans have always sept their stuff under the carpet. Their team are a bunch of angels to them. They have blinders on.

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