Marchand Gets Punished

He did nothing wrong, they cry in Boston.

But it seems he did, because he, Brad Marchand, has been handed a five-game suspension for submarining Vancouver’s Sami Salo, and now the guy I don’t want to call names because I’m trying to be mature, has to pay up $152,439.02 worth of salary, which, by the way, is 6666 – 50lb. bags of grain feed totaling $100,000, plus $52,439.02 worth of soap, leathers, snails, wood, plastic, and computer cords, all of which rats like to eat.


10 thoughts on “Marchand Gets Punished”

  1. I finally got Gamecenter Live for my PS3 tonight and I watched that game and what an ugly little mess it was. I can’t stand Boston but the Canucks were acting like jerks as well. A funny thing is, the Canucks are becoming more hated there than we are!

    He deserved the suspension. He could have broken Salo’s leg easily. It was a nasty play. I do wonder if this had been last season would he have gotten away with it scott-free? Probably.

    Well his stupid actions cost his team and we won’t have to see him on Thursday. Sadly we still have the rest of the yahoos to look forward too.

  2. Honestly, I see nothing different from the check Subban did to him last year except that Marchand got up and Salo didn’t. But what the hell do I know.

    The good of this is that he’s paying for all the other crap he did and didn’t get called on. God, I hate the Bruins only because they really give hockey a bad name. If they could stop playing like bullies, I could respect them.

  3. Are you talking about the big hit Subban did on Marchand? If so, he backed into Marchand and it was a full body hit. It was a legal hit as well. Brad went really low in this hit and could have blown Salo’s leg to pieces. If you also look at the footage before the hit, Brad punched Salo in the back of the head at least twice in the sequence leading up to the hit. So Brad knew what he was doing.

    I know we can’t read minds, but considering what he was up to before the hit…he probably did feel he was “threatened” in his feeble mind.

  4. Darth, absolutely, that big open-ice crusher was a beauty and a classic. And legal. My wife reminded me of another time and I can almost remember it but not quite. She says PK did a submarine thing too. I just can’t remember on who or what team or anything. But having said that, it wasn’t a leg breaker like Marchand’s.

  5. Darth, yes, that’s the hit I’m talking about. But I’m the worst person for judging calls (as my family will admit) and would make a horrible ref. Maybe I should read about clean checking because I don’t get it.

  6. Dennis,

    I don’t want you to think I spend my time working out who was on the grassy knoll or how many aliens landed at Roswell but put on yer tin foil hat and join me in the bunker a moment.

    The Ruins are are nailed on for post season, the Lucic’s of this world have got out of jail just once too often for comfort and they’re making Colin’s boy McShambles look weak.

    Then Brad steps outta line. Manna from heaven. They’ve still got plenty of scoring round the team, the big boys like Chara and Lucic are untouched and next time they need to give a Bruin a free pass, at a time when it really matters, they can quell the outcry by pointing to Marchand as an example of how the cold, iron glove of justice does squeeze the warm hairy goolies of the old bear from time to time.

    Eveyone at HQ and down there in Boston is happy.

  7. I can’t remember PK pulling a move like Marchand’s. It may be possible but off-hand it doesn’t sound familiar. If he had, we would have heard tons of bitching from the Bruins about it then and certainy now after this suspension.

  8. Subban may be suspended for his targeting of Krejci’s head tonight, but seeing him turtle was enough for us.

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