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Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin met with the press on Monday and didn’t say a lot  but mentioned the core players are maturing but the team in general isn’t mature yet like Chicago and Los Angeles are.

He said there will be more ups and downs, but the team is well on track.

Nice to hear. And we already knew all that. Ups and downs, on track, good core players.

He said Dale Weise was allowed to return and play after getting thumped by John Moore because all the tests looked to be normal, and it wasn’t until the next day that they realized he was concussed.

He looked pretty concussed to me on the TV screen. Wobbly and goofy, just like George Parros, Travis Moen, and Michael Bournival looked when they got clocked. PK had to give him a bear hug to hold him up.

If the test machines said he was fine, I’d be looking to buy new test machines. If the doctors and trainers said he was fine, I think Weise paid them off.

One of the guys Bergevin did single out as playing hard was Brian Gionta, which must be some sort of sneaky ploy. Make Gionta feel wanted and want to stay, and then cut the salary in half. Or something like that.

He played hard, he just didn’t make much of an impact. I’d rather have an impact guy. Put me in a uniform and I’d play hard too. Harder than anybody. I wouldn’t get anything done and I might fall down a lot, but I’d play hard.

For me though, it’s much different about Gionta. I think either Gionta should go, or if he stays it’s for a bargain rate and the captain’s ‘C’ comes off.

Why do I want the ‘C’ off? I don’t even know the guy. Maybe he’s a great captain. I don’t care about that. I don’t want a non-productive wee little guy leading my team.

If I’m going to have a small captain that I can be proud of, I want one like 5’7 Henri Richard or 5’7 Yvon Cournoyer. Guys who play with burning fire and also produce.

Otherwise, I want a bigger captain. Crazy eh?

Really though, at this stage of the game, I think the one big change I’d make sooner than later would be the announcing of the new assistant to the assistant to Head Equipment Manager Pierre Gervais.

Stick boy.

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  1. Replacing the trainers and medical staff should now be at the top of Bergevin’s list. It was obvious to everyone but them that Weise should not have returned. It isn’t worth a player’s long term health to play a few more shifts.

    I don’t mind Gionta, he puts in the effort. We signed him for $5M/year when he was 30 years old and at the time he was producing about .75 points per game. Now he’s 35 and scoring at about 0.5 points per game. For one year, $3.5M is about as high as we should go, $6M for 2 years, or $7.5 for three, but that’s pushing it.

    If Gionta is replaced as captain, I think it would fall to Gorges, who already seems to the face and voice of the team in the media. After him, maybe Plekanec or Prust, with Desharnais with an outside chance. The rest are too much fringe players or don’t have the respect necessary for captain.

  2. Sorry Dennis, I don’t see PK as captain now. I too would like to have the team’s star for a captain. I can imagine him wanting it and it may even help to resign him long term. The problem is the perception the league and the media has of him. I doesn’t matter that most of the criticism is overblown or completely unfounded. We need a captain that everyone respects.

  3. Weise!! Gionta—thank you for your service but we’re moving on . Best years are behind him. Desharnais and Weaver are small too BUT they play with ka-boosch !!! so we keep them. Markov—give him a fair wage and one year at a time. Good for him and good for us. Stay healthy and stay usefull, you get another tear. He’s probably worth keeping as mentor to the young’ns to boot. Apologize sincerely to Budaj for “telling” him he can warm our bench, but can’t play for us. Trade the Toker while he has top return value—but don’t let him burn us like Mc Donnah did. I like Toker but he’s NOT going to warm the bench for long and Price is our guy. Reunite the two Gallys with Eller and get someone for Max Pac and DD’s line . Quit trying to bash Pleks—give him some linemates and let him do his thing. In 2010-11 they were comparing him to Datsyuk from Detroit—-and the Red Wing fella had regular linemates. Hire Chris Nilan as “Special Conditioning ” trainer to help the guys protect their mates NOT to start the donnybrooks. P.S. The Pleks bahing line refers too the Montreal and other town media folk, NOT you Dennis!! And hire Mr. Kane as penalty box timekeeper/doorkeeper so he’ll be able to encourage the “Good ‘Ole Boys” And wave at us TV fans.

  4. If Gionta stays (which wouldn’t be that bad, I think) you CANNOT take away his “C”. Absolutely not. Not a noble thing to do at all.

  5. Hello there Kane, it’s been a while since I logged in here and left a comment. I forgot my password too. So it goes, eh. Well, it was quite a run the Habs made at things, and who knows how it wld have played out had the won the other night against the Rangers. Guess their time, and ours hasn’t come yet. I feel bad for Weiss, and I hope the kid’s okay. Mister Knuckles said on the tsn radio the other day you can’t stop a man playing if he says he’s ok. It’s a fine line indeed, as it is in some many other situations in life. Wilde at CTV has a different view. If it was my son, well, who knows what I’d think. If it was me, in that moment, at that hour, I don’t know either. But the Canadiens did their best and were not able to come back after that whopper of a game the second before the last. The last, well, how do you describe it? They had no gas? No heart? were outplayed? shut down by the Rangers? Rangers played better? How do you cut it? With Boston had we lost I would have simply hated their guts no ands ifs or buts. But this was a not the Bruins, and even Price came out yesterday saying he didn’t believe Kreiger crashed him on purpose. He also said something else more ambigious. Two quotes from two different sites, both comments for sure are true. But these guys, like Price have to move on. What choice is there? Like the Hawks yesterday, a second more of play they might have had it. WHo is the absolute winner in hockey? A man a moment a game, and then maybe a cup. It’s a sport, and a dangerous one at that. We all know that. I had my heart in it till the last seconds but I suppose I saw them going down and knew the ship was on flames and no matter what they did the other night, it was not going to happen. For sure habs fans will go over it more times than once and rethink and re-see it imagining it otherwise. Let’s say we had clocked them the other night and come back and won last Saturday. Well, we’d been happy and then there’d be the Kings. And perhaps the Habs wld have suffered a worse humilation. Because humilation is what each athelete feels at a loss. And who , and what honest athlete would deny it? I felt, and I am not a hockey player nor an athlete. Not recently for sure! Let me tell you something, I wept the next day. I wept, I cried. Not sobbing or heart rending tears and so on. But I cried, not long but yes,I cried. Like a kid, like a man, who’s lost someone and something great. It was a shock. All over. Gone. Like a death, eh? you know what I mean, you are one of the realest and most articulate hockey bloggers around…. here on your blog. people visit it from all over the place. I always come here last to see what you are thinking. I read all the other ones, but save yours for last. Because you sir say a lot, a lot between the lines and spread out across the entirety of your blog. When I first left a comment here back in the winter, I said Montreal Canadiens were not a consistent team, and that hockey was in a sense, a form of madness. That the game and Montreal fans were crazy. That the legacy made it crazy. I don’t think so anymore. Time has moved on and the game’s become more sophisticated and the younger generation takes it in differntly. I mean at the public level. The players, well, they are the same, at least them that have hearts and souls. And which NHL players on the Habs has no soul? Mabye that Vanek had no chemistry but surely he has soul. But I don’t want to finger him, it’s the whole thing . The entire team works ona level that’s not the same as in other cities. At least that’s what I think. Even the betrayal of HNI in Canada has something to do with wanting to break the soul, or get at its deepest root and heart. And no one can, because it’s deeper here. Pardon me for going on. Where am I taking this? It has to do with winning and losing and feeling that the team is at the edge, the cutting edge where hockey matters, in ways it can’t mean the same elsewhere. I’m probably wrong. I watched all those faces really carefully last night after LA beat Hawks, they all had the athlete’s demeanour of tragic loss, or heroic win. Anyhow, there’s always more to say and think about when it comes to this team and this sport, isn’t there? And then think of that goalie Tokarski. What a champion that man is. A great asset a new force disclosed right there before our eyes, and we had no idea. And big Bourque , all of t hem the whole gang. A wonderful lot, a great team. Small big, in between and whatever. No other team like them in this sport. O aren’t we lucky?

  6. Great stuff, William. It was a fine year, we should be proud, and even though Marc Bergevin said the team isn’t mature enough yet, I think with a hot goalie and a couple of guys firing on all cylinders, even the less mature can sometimes win it all. So we hoped like crazy that they would but they didn’t and now we wait for next year to see if several months of getting older and a deep run of playoff experience can somehow put them over the top. Changes have to made though. A tad too small. Too many guys not playing well at the same time. A power play that fizzled. So many things have to go right, and they have to stay injury-free on top of everything else. The Vanek comment that he didn’t have chemistry with Plekanec bothered me. It can’t just be two linemates all the time and no one else can cut it. He has to show some versatility in playing with different linemates and if he can’t do that, something’s lacking in his character. I think the Rangers can give LA a run for their money but I could be wrong, they could be blown out of the water. But the Rangers played really well against our team and showed their a fine bunch. Montreal’s gotta get PK signed and decide what to do with Gionta and Markov. The young kids on defence will earn or not earn a spot next fall. It’s up to them. Anyway, fine stuff from you William and never hesitate to share more.

  7. Marjo, it seems like they can make ice anywhere now. But for me, the novelty of these outdoor games wore off a long time ago.

  8. Mike, I think Gally could too. Definitely he’s lead by example. Heart and soul.

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