Marc, Cops On The Job, And A Price Jersey That Might Not Count

This fellow wearing the Expos hat is Marc Gravel, manager of the Red Rock bar and eatery in the heart of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

I’d been told by a customer as Luciena and I sat drinking beer on sale for half price, and eating natchos smothered in chicken, that I should talk to Marc because he’s such a big Habs fan, and the guy was right.

Originally from Montreal, Marc’s been a huge Habs fan all his life, is disappointed the team isn’t playing in LA this season, and has high hopes for the upcoming season “They’re picked for third in their division” he mentioned, “and it’s too bad Boston is picked ahead of them. But we’ll see. A lot depends on Carey Price.”

Marc’s been in Hollywood for 14 years, and although his folks are still back in Montreal, says the California weather agrees with him and he’s also able to surf. Montreal is a lot of things, but just not a surfing town. The St. Lawrence just can’t bring up the big waves, I suppose.

Marc also promised to read my blog.

The Red Rock is a curious place. One of the bartenders is from Vancouver and sadly, cheers for the Canucks. And another bartender, a lovely lady, is from Toronto. She never mentioned if she was a Leaf fan, but should we be surprised?

Sitting next to us as we gulped down food and drink were three Los Angeles cops, in for a nice break and a glimpse at Monday night football. And wouldn’t you know it, halfway through their meal their radios squawked and they were out of the place like a shot out of hell, into their cruisers parked in front, lights suddenly flashing, a quick u-turn on the Strip, and off to battle bad guys or chicks gone wild.

They didn’t even pay for their meals.

I’d also been on the hunt for someone wearing a Habs jersey in West Hollywood and the closest I got was a guy at the Red Rock wearing a New York Jets jersey with the name Price on it. Does that count?

9 thoughts on “Marc, Cops On The Job, And A Price Jersey That Might Not Count”

  1. ….”sadly”????
    Come on Dennis.

    We went to a Ducks game afew years back in Anahiem and there were twice as many Canuck fans in attendance and by the way, we won the game 5-2…
    Sadly, I guess for you, West Coast hockey does rule on the West Coast.

    Keep on searchin’ tho’…you never know what you’ll come across in W. Hollywood.

  2. The green in Price’s jersey can be corrected. It just needs some cranberry and cherry juice in the wash and the colour will be fixed. The 15 will be a bit tougher. Not sure what to do about that.

  3. is barney’s beanery still there. when i lived there in the 80’s they had the largest beer selection i’ve ever seen………. it was a famous hangout for jim morrisson and assorted famous drunks…………. 15 would be the # of games price steals in the upcoming playoffs. the other game the team would just win.

  4. Hobo, somehow I don’t think Barney’s Beanery is still there. I heard no mention of it at all. I remember you telling me about it.

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