Malkin Blasts Away For Pittsburgh. He Must Have Heard About Bobby Rousseau.

When Pittsburgh star Evgeny Malkin skated in alone and surprised everyone by blasting his slapshot by Flyers’ goalie Martin Biron from only about ten feet out, I knew it was time to pull out my old scrapbook.

It was circa 1965, and Montreal speedster Bobby Rousseau, a slapshot specialist and off-season golf pro in Ste. Hyacinthe, Quebec, was awarded a penalty shot one night in a game against Boston.

Rousseau grabbed the puck at centre ice, took it just inside the blueline, and to the surprise of everyone, including his coach Toe Blake and Boston goalie, Bruce Gamble,  wound up, fired, and scored.

Has a penalty shot or shootout goal ever been scored from so far out? I doubt it.

So when you see breakaways next year, or all the shootouts and penalty shots, ask yourself why the players don’t just tee up and blast away every so often. The goalie is not in the least expecting it.

Like Malkin did the other night. And like Bobby Rousseau did those many years ago.



7 thoughts on “Malkin Blasts Away For Pittsburgh. He Must Have Heard About Bobby Rousseau.”

  1. Ha. I love that. Thomas Vanek did something like that earlier in the year. I’ve wondered why they don’t try that more often as well.

  2. I think Bryan Rolston scored two that way last year. One against Vancouver for sure, but can’t remember who the other one was against. May have been the Canucks too.

  3. Dk,

    Ahh, Bobby Rousseau, what a player! HIm and JC Tremblay really added that extra pizzazz to those Hab’s teams.

    Sigh, la P, of course they don’t do it more often – it’s a novelty play that only works once in a blue moon, if that. I mean, even the punky Buffalo goalie would only let in a few more than everybody else before he too shut it down.

  4. Rousseau was my hero…always frantic….almost panicked….never knew what to expect from him…kind of like me at the time…

    He also scored five goals in one game against Denis DeJordy and could have scored the sixth when he and Giles Tremblay came in on a double breakaway…..Tremblay kept the puck and scored…..

    Calder Cup….great spirited player.

  5. Thanks Irwin. Rousseau was also a golf pro in Ste. Hyacinthe. Driving balls and big slap shots. He was great.

  6. People often talk about dream teams. My dream team always has Bobby Rousseau on the right point. The way he and Cournoyer played together was the model power play. Wish there were some more pictures of Bobby taking that great slapshot.


  7. Thanks, Colin. What a great shot that is of Rousseau blasting away. It’s one of all-time favourite photos and Rousseau was one of my favourites for sure. Thanks for checking in.

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