Malkin And Pens Ruin Night Out At The Pub

It was Mayo, Mikey D, and my wife and I, and we sat in the local Powell River pub at a table in front of the big screen TV, drank beer, and waited. We waited for the Canadiens to solve Marc-Andre Fleury and his gang in black in front of him, and make it a game for the ages. A game where, if the script was followed properly, the Habs would score twice in the third and win in overtime and take a brilliant 3-2 series lead.

But the Penguins ruined the script. They played a nondescript, effective, playoff game and shut down the good guys, the guys in white, which wasn’t the way it was supposed to go, the way old Roy Rogers westerns went. Because with Sidney Crosby still surprisingly quiet, Evgeny Malkin picked it up and played like Evgeny Malkin, and Habs scorers remained way too quiet. When you put these two things together, it spells bummer for Habs fans.

We don’t need to see Malkin on top of his game. He’s a big lad, and Montreal must be strong with him and ride him to the boards. And although easier said than done, he’s not Superman and can be stopped. Plus, other than this big guy, Pittsburgh didn’t look or play like world beaters, and all Montreal players and fans should strongly believe that this series is far from over and the Penguins can be had.

Keep in mind that the Penguins and Sidney Crosby know without a doubt that they’re in a serious dogfight. Forget the Vegas odds and widespread predictions from the media. Crosby has surprisingly been mostly ineffective and the Penguins have shown that they’re not the 1958 Montreal Canadiens and can be beaten. Just because they won the Stanley Cup last year doesn’t mean they’re a shoo-in to continue on. The league is too tight, and the Montreal Canadiens are the biggest story of the post season.

Montreal has a great chance of winning game six, and then game seven. Imagine. 

Do you believe in miracles?

Random Notes:

Mike Cammelleri notched Montreal’s only goal, with help from Brian Gionta and Tomas Plekanec. Once again, there’s not enough scoring from others.

The game was lousy but the beer was good.

12 thoughts on “Malkin And Pens Ruin Night Out At The Pub”

  1. No Dennis, I don’t believe in miracles, but I do believe in destiny and it is Montreal’s destiny to knock off the Penguins. However it just might require a miracle if Gill can’t play Monday and both Spacek and Markov remain injured too. On the other hand Marc-Andre Fleury has saved his team’s hide enough, time for him to have a bad game and let in some weak ones.

  2. They’re gonna pull it off. Habs are gonna be fired up from the previous two losses and win that one. Then the momentum will shift to the Habs and finish the Penguins off in Game 7

  3. We outshot them 33-25 but it wasn’t enough because Fleury was at his best. That’s why they won this one. But we are a team that never quits and we will beat them at the Bell Centre.

    It was reported on Montreal sports radio Team 990 that Andrei Markov is being fitted with a special knee brace and could possibly play on Monday.

    Here’s hoping Hal Gill can bounce back quickly from the skate cut he suffered after Chris Kunitz stomped on him.

    Dennis, hear me now, believe me later:


    Now, get Gaston out and have him work his magic.

  4. What’s left of our defense is running on fumes. We need reinforcements or this is going to be over in six. On a positive note, we’re still managing to stay with them and almost tied it late in the third. Godspeed to Spacek, Markov and Gill, we need them to wrap this up. *kneels down and prays*

  5. Hey Dennis, Well the only thing negative I could say about that game is the final score.The Habs had a good showing last nite,outshot the Pens,won more faceoffs then the Pens,kept Sidney off the score sheet again,but game up short.I think they are playing well enough to win game six,hopefully they can bring there defenceive core with them and really pound these guys.

  6. They played pretty well, I thought, Derry. But they’re not going to win if they don’t score. What’s going on with Plekanec?

  7. Moey, Gill says it’s just a cut and will play but who knows for sure? And apparently Markov may suit up too. Spacek – we keep waiting and still no sign of him. All these problems and we’re still giving the Pens fits. Imagine.

  8. Danno – Gaston’s being dusted off and I’m planning on talking to the Rocket just before game time. It’s time to bring out the heavy hitters – Gaston and Rocket.

  9. That’s right, Phil. A win in Montreal changes everything again. I hope my heart can take it.

  10. Chris, Pittsburgh knows they could have easily lost that game and I think they’re a bit nervous. And you’re right, it would be nice to have a few defencemen back. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised when we see the lineup on Monday.

  11. Hey Dennis, Plekanec is doing shit, disappeering once again as the playoffs role around.Remember two years ago when Montreal came up against the Flyers in the second round?The Kostytsins and Plekanecs werent there at all,they just were lost without really leaving.I would really like to think that these guys could be counted on when the playoffs role around,but once again it’s the North American players that are really pulling it out.Come on guys ,this could be the last game this year if you dont get yor shit together.

  12. Go Habs Go! I’ll be singing Ole, Ole and praying to the Hockey Gods.

    Just toying with the flightless birds!

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