Making The Playoffs

Hockey Inside/Out posed this question: “After their slow start, do you think the Canadiens can still make the playoffs this season?”

I voted yes and the last time I looked, 53%, or 1255 of 2363 people voting, also said yes. We think the Habs will sooner or later get it together and make the playoffs.

I think they’ll make the playoffs, just because. Because I want them to, and I think that’s an excellent reason. I still think, at least on paper, that they’re a fine team, and it would be nice to see everyone at the top of their game at the same time for a change. This rarely seems to get coordinated properly. If two guys are going, two aren’t. Three on, three off.

I believe the Canadiens, if the stars and planets are aligned in a nice way and Carey Price doesn’t wear his pink pads, can do it.

And how many times have we seen serious slumps and eventually the boys come around, play fantastic, win a ton of games, and we forget completely about the previous slump?

I actually hate saying “make the playoffs.” It’s almost like the bar has been set too low. So it’s good to be one of eight to make the playoffs? It’s about winning the Stanley Cup, not just making the playoffs. Of course all that extra ticket and concession revenue is the icing on the cake.

(Question: Do owners hope their team goes a long way because they love them so much, or because it’s extra money coming in. And if the team wins it all but the owner loses money, are the owners still happy)?

Of course, once someone does make the playoffs, then who knows what could happen. Lucky bounces, some key overtime wins, the other teams get injuries. It’s possible to go all the way for any of the eight teams.

So, when I add up all the positives, I think, yes, this is our year!

11 thoughts on “Making The Playoffs”

  1. I think we could still possibly make it and win it all if all goes according to that hunch I had. (If it works out that way then I should become a psychic).

    It’s going to be a tough haul but we can manage it. Problem is any time we do hit a slump and lose a game or two we’ll all have our hearts in our throats.

    This summer was long because we were kicked out in the first round. Next summer will seem even worse if we don’t make the playoffs at all.

    Not to sound snarky but how the heck do the Leafs fans do it? The Panther fans?

    After this three game stretch we don’t play again till next Friday. It could give us some time to regroup and start from scratch. It is also believed that this three game stretch is the final curtain call for Martin.

    I hate all this negativity. I want to feel good about this team again!

  2. Dennis, it’s possible the Habs could make the playoffs but a look at the numbers shows how hard it will be.

    To make it to the playoffs they’ll need at least 90 points – more or less.

    But with eight games played so far, they have only four points. So they’ll need to accumulate an additional 86 more points in the remaining 74 games.

    Consequently, in order to make the playoffs the Habs will have to play something like .581 hockey for the remainder of the season. Any more losing streaks will make it harder and harder for them to make it out of the deep hole they’ve dug themselves into.

    The Habs need to convert their current 1-5-2 record into something like a 41-33-8 record by the end of the season.

    It can be done. But man it’s going to be tough.

  3. The balloon’s going down so lighten the basket!

    Was it his job to tell Eller that Reimer wasn’t in goal for the Leafs the other night?

    It reminds me of this (the sketch in the first minute or so)

  4. Blue Bayou, I go with my hopes, not with what the numbers say. This team isn’t even close to playing to their potential. The problem is, they can’t let it get away from them where it’s too much to catch up. A win tonight would be beautiful.

  5. Gillis, I’m just glad he’s not a Habs anymore. My Leaf fan neighbour thinks he’s the biggest liability on the team.

  6. A win tonight would be nice, Chris. And don’t forget, two teams did it so it’s not impossible.

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