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  1. Dennis, I use Google’s Canadiens calendar to help remind me. After the game it updates and shows the score. It even has records going back to October 2009.

    To see the calendar in Pacific time zone, use

    Others can replace the Vancouver with Toronto, Montreal, or whatever nearby major city. Confirm that it worked in bottom left.

    I haven’t tried it, but if you’re looking for a way to spend time, Google says you can “Embed this calendar in your website or blog by pasting this code into your web page. To embed multiple calendars, click on the Customize Link”

  2. I’d love to see it over here in the UK – it would be great to see the return of the NHL to Winnipeg and it’s usually even better for me with an earlier puck drop due to time differences. However due to problems with broadcast rights negotiations we’re not getting any hockey on TV (ESPN America HD last year) at the moment, and possibly not at all this year which totally SUCKS!! At the moment I’m having to make do with the condensed game highlights on the iPad Game Centre app although I don’t seem to have missed that much up to now – hopefully we can get through game 2 without any more injuries but hopefully with bit more offense.


  3. Thanks Andy. (UKHabsFan11) And just so you know, this “approve stuff” on my site only happens with the first comment and after that it doesn’t come up again.
    Blue Bayou in London is lamenting about the same thing – the TV coverage. I find it horrendous that it’s made so difficult for folks across the pond. We have NHL games in Europe and the league tries to promote it over there, but fans need decent coverage. Hopefully in the near future it’ll be sorted out and you guys will be able to see all the games you want. I feel your pain. I don’t know how you do it.
    And yes, enough with the injuries already. It’s horrible. And now we hear Campoli may be gone for months. I also want to see a high-scoring team this year but maybe it’s asking too much.

  4. Oops, the Google HTML code I was trying to send you didn’t make it.

    What made it through is just a simple web page that anyone can use in a browser, but I don’t think is easily embedded.

    If this doesn’t work, I’ll send it via email.

  5. Thanks for the welcome Dennis.

    I’ve just been reading a few places online, including this Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/nonhlontvineurope?sk=wall), which maybe suggest that things might get sorted soon but until then it’s blogs, twitter and blocky & laggy Game Centre pictures for me.

    It does seem ironic that NHL teams are in Europe at present trying to “spread the word” and we (the already converted long term diehards) get to see none of it – oh well, thats league administration for you 🙂


  6. Saturday night without a Habs game seems sacrilegious Dennis.

    This would not and could not happen if you owned the team.

    It’s very nice to see some new Habs fans dropping by to your site from across the pond. I hope they can tune in using that link until the NHL sorts out its programming mess.

  7. @ukhabsfan11

    Of course you could consider becoming a member of ‘Leaf Nation” …an up

    and coming quality young team…

    Don’t let the kind people here discourage you …

    Member of the Leaf Nation recruiting agent here

  8. Also looking forward to Habs — Winnipeg game

    “”” Welcome back Jets””””

  9. Leaf Fan, don’t make me round up a posse and come lookin’ for you. No one wants to be a Leaf fan. Especially a Habs fan.

  10. Danno, when I own the team there will be less preseason games with less prospects; I’d own a TV station that would broadcast all Habs games to every corner of the earth; and I’d let big Habs fans take turns at being stick boy. Maybe a different stick boy every game. Beer would be four bucks. Parking would be two bucks, and I’d drop ticket prices by about 25% at least. I’d also still have my blog and I’d have a Dennis-Kane.com board sign. During the summer I’d have a major blowout at the Bell Centre, free for everybody, with bands and beer and Habs mingling, with dancing. I’d make sure the players’ wives with dance with anybody who asked. There would be prizes – stick boy, a track load of Molsons, tickets, and a night on the town with P.K.

  11. Chris, it’s working and I have it saved in my favourites. It’s great. And if I click on the game, it gives the result. A nice calendar that I’ll use. Thanks.

  12. @ Dennis – I’m certainly looking forward to the day you own the team – I like your vision and ambition!

    @ Leafs Fan in Ottawa – I’ve been a Habs fan for nearly 20 years now – don’t think I’m going to start changing my allegiance at this point… and certainly not to the Leafs!!

  13. ukhabs – imagine the nerve, thinking that a Habs fan would actually become a Leafs fan. Maybe he’s been drinking.

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