Magic In Montreal. Halak And Gang Provide Thrills And Spills

When was the last time you saw goaltending like that? And when was the last time you felt such energy, belief, and love for the team from the great fans at the Bell Centre?

The Canadiens made magic in this game six, beating the Capitals 4-1, evening the series, and creating a monstrous game seven. They won the game with heart, desire, and hard work. Jaroslav Halak put on a performance matching Bill Durnan and Jacques Plante to Gump Worsley, Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy. Simply put and understated, Halak put on one of the finest goaltending displays you will ever see.

Add Mike Cammalleri’s two first-period goals, another late by Max Lapierre, an empty-netter by Tomas Plekanec, combined with the penalty killers killing every Caps power play including a two-man advantage by Washington late in the first period, and you have all the ingredients of a greater-than-great win that not only ties the series but brings the whole thing together after all the trials and tribulations of a rocky and depressing regular season.

This was the most outstanding Habs game of the year, regardless of the onslaught by the Caps in the second period. And regardless of the shots on goal (54-22), Montreal didn’t just win because of out-of-this-world goaltending. The team played well – Maxim Lapierre was a demon, and young PK Subban won’t have to worry about paying a restaurant bill in Montreal for awhile. This is the new toast of the town. He was excellent, showing poise and confidence as he skated and rushed with the puck, and seemed to thrive in the Forum-like atmosphere that was thick like fog.

Random Notes:

Rarely do you see a diving call in a game. Montreal had three tonight, two by Lapierre and one by Brian Gionta, and all three were, in my humble estimation, silly, borderline calls.

Will Jose Theodore return to the Washington nets Wednesday?

26 thoughts on “Magic In Montreal. Halak And Gang Provide Thrills And Spills”

  1. Varlamov, Theodore… Who cares? As far as I’m concerned the only goalie who matters is Halak.

    That was fan-freaking-tastic!

  2. Incredible. Haven’t had this feeling since the 1990’s. Halak has come of age. The guy is a god. Win or lose Wednesday, he is the starter of the future for the Habs. He’s won twice in Washington and I think Ovechkin is the one shakin’ now. And we’ll likely have Spacek back.

  3. KGBettman has passed the orders to the officials…… bruce brodreau says the habs have been diving for years. sour grapes……… one more game and some body will have to find sugar and tell him to start dusting off the old national guitar.

  4. Boudreau can go ……..himself. His team has been causing fouls in the crease all series.

  5. Amazing game, the Montreal defence put on a show. Gorges and Gill were unfreakingbelievable. The Caps were rushing all their shots because they knew that if they took an instant to aim, it would be blocked.

    The only drawback in the game was that Halak didn’t get the shut-out he deserved. Was it O’Byrne that didn’t cross the centre line before dumping the puck? If only he had just taken a few more steps.

    Lapierre was hamming it up on the first call, the second one on him was borderline. The call on Gionta was completely ludicrous. I hope some good comes from the calls and Lapierre chooses to continue playing with the heart he showed tonight and with less of the theatrics.

  6. That was so great, Christopher. Right from the start, with the crowd and the anticipation. One of those special nights. Now….Wednesday.

  7. Wow. Unreal night for so many. Especially Halak but also big time games from Gill and Gorges. As well as the last 2 diving calls I was really ticked with the cheap play by Fehr(?) when he crosschecked our defenceman hard into Halak. That is such a BS move. He got 2 for crosschecking but he should have gotten another 2 for goaltender interference. Just a little rant of mine. As good as Halak was his defence needs to be commended for the excellent job of clearing away rebounds. This feels so good!

  8. Right on Dennis, the crowd was pumped, they were cheering loudly throughout. They only stopped cheering to start singing. Loved the shots of the fans bowing down to Halak after yet another penalty kill.

  9. Ovenchicken! lol Never heard that. Can I use it on my FB page? A lot of my friends are hab haters.

  10. Dennis, as far as I am concerned we have already won this series. If you look back at game two, we were robbed blind by the officials. So, last night should have been our fourth win against the Caps.

    I’ve been saying “Habs in seven” ever since we were down three games to one after game four — And people laughed. My friends laughed at me. Leaf fans laughed at me. Even dogs laughed at me.

    We’ll see who gets the last laugh tomorrow night…


  11. We all know Halak can do it and now his players believe it. They witnessed a king being crowned. Best of all, Varlamov seen it and probably peed his hockey pants. That is our best opportunit in game seven. Varlamov will be shakey cause Halak is in his head. I wouldn’t be surprised if theo were back in net. Mtl has been playing better on the road. And with Subban back the PP will continue producing. Wash has too many strikes. Habs may be finally peaking at the right time.

  12. Sorry, he has a significant eye injury. Didn’t mean to sound too enthusiastic. Hope he recovers fully.

  13. Mayo feel free to use Ovenchicken. I am stealing it from another blog and think that sums Ovie up perfectly. Too bad, I like his potential but his dirty, cheating ways make me disrespect him.

    I must say though, he does clean up well and look rather snappy in his designer suits.

    Always going for the bad boys!

  14. Thanks Diane and ewwww! The huge gap between his teeth doesn’t bother you? I’ll bet Coach Boudreau would fit quite nicely between those two front ‘teeth.’ He’d make a good villain on a James Bond movie.

  15. Karma is coming back to haunt the Ovenchicken for that little stunt he pulled on our flag kids. I never have liked big guys who pick on little ones for that matter.

  16. Mayo, I’m sure after a few Labatts I wouldn’t even notice the gap. Somehow, I’m not Ovenchicken’s type. So I’m safe. 🙂

  17. I predicted 5-4 in O.T. for our guys but I was unaware that we had the numbers 4 , 9 and 12 on the first line and #29 in goal. I stand corrected HAPPILY. Those other guys couldn’t beat us even with the extra players they had in striped shirts. Guess ” you know who ” wasn’t paying them enough. By the way Dennis, do you ever watch NBA ? Hee Hee!!

  18. Wait ’til you hear what my routine will be for game seven. I don’t have time to tell you now ’cause I’m busy polishing my handpainted Habs rock that a pretty girl gave me a long time ago. I think you know her. GO HABS GO!

  19. Now that my mouse is working again, I can scroll to the right comment section. It cost me two pounds of cheese but that’s okay. I agree about those calls. Were the refs watching a swimming competition? I think Theodore will play because their only other choice is the stickboy but his nose is too big for the mask.

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