Macpherson’s Barn

There’s no Canadiens crests at centre ice, but the pillars that were in the original Montreal Forum, blocking people’s views, can be seen just at the top of the blues.

And is that Rene Lecavalier and Danny Gallivan up there in the booth telling us in French and English how the boys are doing?

This wonderful look at the old barn is by renown Canadian editorial artist Duncan Macpherson (1924-1993), and created back in the 1960s.

I think it’s gorgeous, and somewhat surprising considering that Mr. Macpherson usually stuck to creating brilliant political masterpieces for the Toronto Star and other papers and magazines.

My dad, who was a talented sign painter, an artist in his own right, admired Macpherson greatly and spoke of him often over the years. I wonder if he ever knew that Duncan strayed from nailing political figures to the wall and went with a Montreal Forum-like creation at one time.


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