Lunch At Smoke Meat Pete’s

Went to Smoke Meat Pete’s, 37 kilometres west from Peel and Sherbrooke. It’s way out there. I think they need a second location a tad closer.

Busy place, Smoked Meat Pete’s. Kind of rustic, and if I read it right, they often have all-day live blues.

If I was to compare it to Schwartz’s, I can only say this. It was shocking to have that first gigantic smoked meat at Schwartz’s because I’d never had such a thing. So I feel Schwartz’s comes out on top by a slight margin. Pete’s was a bit fattier, but still delicious. Didn’t like the cole slaw, but it was a friendly and well-organized hustling, bustling place. Owner Pete Varvaro must be a happy guy.

The experience at Smoke Meat Pete’s was fantastic but Schwartz’s was the shocker. So Schwartz’s gets an A-plus and Smoke Meat Pete’s an A.

smoked meat



9 thoughts on “Lunch At Smoke Meat Pete’s”

  1. Sorry that you didn’t like Smoked Meat Pete’s as much as Schwartz’. To each his own, I guess!

  2. But I loved it, Ian. Both are amazing. One of these days I’d like to buy a big chunk of meat from one of them and cook it at home.

  3. DK. my gawd he’s back, I thought you said you fed the “L” to an Orca pod!
    Just kidding Lawrence, glad to see you back on the site.

  4. Pete’s sucks. Come out here to Abie’s. It’s like Schwartz’s but better and with room. And no tourists.

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