Lunch At Schwartz’s


Yesterday was an excellent day in downtown Montreal. Traffic was light, weather was good. Had my bearings down pat.

Feelin’ good, like I knew I could. Boom shaka-laka-laka.

We’ve discovered that the Jacques Cartier Bridge is the best way to get downtown from our place on the south shore, as opposed to the Champlain Bridge. Way faster. Much less bullshit. And when we  came in yesterday I drove all over downtown and knew where I was going and bombed around like a Montreal taxi driver.

Move over, mother$%#$&s. We’re comin’ through.

The key for me is to know where the Forum is at all times, because when I do, I understand where east, west, north and south are.

We drove up St. Laurent, “The Main”, and inhaled smoked meat sandwiches at the legendary Schwartz’s. There was a huge lineup into the main part and it wasn’t moving, so we sat in seats in takeout, which was fine. But I’d like to know if there’s a time to go when there’s no lineup.

We’re still talking about those smoked meat sandwiches. They were unbelievable. About two inches of mad crazy meat for just over six bucks. Meat that slid down our esophagus’ and made our taste buds dance around like they were on some kind of rare gourmet acid trip.

Now I’m ready to try Reuben’s on Ste. Catherines, recommended by Mike Williamson, and Smoked Meat Pete’s from Ian Sirota.

What a vibrant city Montreal is. Great streets downtown, alive and full. Ste. Catherines, which has seen so many Stanley Cup parades over the years, is terrific and seems to be the straw that stirs the downtown cocktail.

Luci has to go back to Powell River for a few months, and I’m going to spend my weekends walking the streets of downtown using a yellow highlighter to track my walks. Kind of like I do with the Habs schedule.

Such a change from walking around Powell River to exploring downtown Montreal. I’m not expecting to see any deer in downtown Montreal.

And I love the classic old apartment buildings with their outdoor staircases that we see everywhere. Setting Montreal apart from other cities. I don’t know if long-time Montrealers take these old dwellings for granted or not, but they shouldn’t. These are romantic reminders of the city’s yesteryear. Scenes from classic old post cards and black and white documentaries.


8 thoughts on “Lunch At Schwartz’s”

  1. Thanks for the hat tip, Dennis! Glad that you liked Schwartz’–you have now tried a venerable Montreal institution! I was never a big fan of Rueben’s, but if you enjoy, well, that’s more than good enough for me. I’m sorry that you will be without Luci for a while–may your time apart pass quickly. Another couple of restaurants for you to try, both steakhouses: 1) Gibby’s. It’s probably Montreal’s “most famous steakouse”, and it’s definitely a higher end establishment (though the dress code is not too formal). 2) Moishe’s. There was a team when Moishe’s was mentioned in the same breath as Gibby’s. In fact, “way back in the day”, Moishe’s was known as the Jewish answer to Gibby’s. I don’t think that that’s been the case for a long time, but it’s still worth a try.

    Let me know when you try the other places, particularly Wilensky’s and Lafleur’s!

  2. hi Dennis. check out the barby barn. guy and St.Catherine, best ribs u will ever have. not the classiest place , but the ribs are famous

  3. Dennis, I’m impressed. You’re starting to get it. Soon you can avoid that GPS system of yours because it’ll be all old hat because you’ll be able to zip around without any problems. I’m even more impressed that you’re starting to swear while driving.

    Once you learn to speed, change lanes like a maniac, don’t use turn signals, have no patience, and whip out the finger every few minutes you’ll be just like a regular Montreal driver. 🙂

  4. They call them smoked meat sandwiches because people don’t just eat them, they inhale them 😆

  5. Hey Dennis , I’m glad you enjoyed the Sammy’s. They are very good and worth lining up for.I have eaten there twice and believe me it was well worth it.I hope all is good for you and Luci and your Montreal experience just gets better.

  6. Thank you Derry. The entire experience has been slightly overwhelming but it seems we’re adapting. Those sandwiches sure were good.

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