Luci’s Day

Today marks a very special day for my wife Luci, and for me. Because Luci arrived in Canada on this day ten years ago.

I first met Luci in 1991 in Leningrad, Russia during a very historic time, with the Soviet Union about to collapse. We were both still married to other people and it happened that we became good friends. She had studied English in university which made it easy to chat, and I thought she was very kind and lovely. It was only later on, to make a long story short, that both of us ended up divorced and eventually together.

Luci and I were married twice – in St. Petersburg, Russia on May 10, 2001, and then in Powell River on Sept. 27, 2002. She became a Canadian in 2006, and she’s a working, contributing, and very proud Canadian.

She never had a single house with lawn or yard before, and now she spends most of her summer hours tending to her flowers and feeling peace of mind as she weeds and chases the odd deer from our yard. When I first met her and her family in Russia, they were living in an apartment with four other families and sharing one kitchen and two bathrooms. I remember when they had to relinguish a main room in their apartment when someone came back, and so they cooked and ate in one apartment, then walked down a block and up five flights to another to go to bed. But it’s all behind her now, and she says this has been the best ten years of her life, which makes me very happy. I think it’s the best ten years for me to0.

Luci also loves the Habs. The year they eliminated both the Caps and Pens, she’d go outside in the dying moments of big games because she couldn’t stand the suspense. The Habs would be leading, and she’d ask from outside if it was over yet. She loves Carey Price and PK Subban and is very proud of Markov and Emelin, but last year left her down and depressed by the dismal performance of the bleu, blanc et rouge. Now she asks me every few days if Subban has signed yet.

I’m really proud of my Luci. It was an extraordinary move for her to leave her homeland and come here. She’s loved by all who know her, she’s fit right in, I think she’s beautiful, and if it wasn’t for a divorce that hurt a whole lot at the time, I wouldn’t be with her now. So some things really do happen for a reason.


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  1. Congratulations to Luci and Dennis. The next ten years will be even better what with the new Harley and the rise of Les Glorieux.

    Danno, that is a lovely present.When Dennis owns the team and hires me to play the instrumental version, in both languages of course, of the anthem, ala Hendrix at Woodstock, I hope he doesn’t make me ride the exercise bike before hand like Roger.

  2. You and Luci share an extra special bond. You not only married each other, but melded your cultures and pasts. To make a great future.

    My son is married to a lovely Brazilian girl. My other son is fused at the hip to a Filipino beauty. My wife of 30 years in American. My grandmother was American and married my Albertan grandfather.

    It does make for interesting meal combos however, when we all get together on holidays 🙂

  3. Congrats to you both Dennis. I should also say that you should thank your lucky stars she’s a Habs fan or else you’d have a real dilemma on your hands. What if she had been a Leafs fan or a Bruins fan? Oh the fights I could imagine happening… 🙂

    I really really hope you guys have the chance to see a game here live someday. If she hates the stress at the end of the game being there live will be a killer! You’ll both love the heck out of it though. If it ends up being a shoot-out she may end up ripping your arm off.

  4. Hobo, you just make sure your fingers are exercised. I don’t know if Hendrix had any exercises but I’m going to find out. I’d kind of like an 883 cc Sportster but I’m told it’s not good for long trips.

  5. Thanks, Habsdoc. That’s a United Nations you’ve got going there. I’ll bet lots of the world’s problems are solved at your dinner table!

  6. Darth, it’s a big dream of ours to see a game there. If it ever happens, I’ll let you know and we can go together. So much fun.

  7. What a wonderful post! Amazing how people meet and I love hearing the stories. Imagining four families co-habitating is a reminder of how lucky we are. So much for any privacy. Maybe some players and owners read your post. Maybe it will make them feel grateful for their millions instead of belly-aching. Sure puts things into perspective.

  8. Hey Dennis,Good for you both,I’m really quite happy for you folks.Luci is a wonderfull lady,and I was happy to meet her last year with you as well.Keep on enjoying your times together.

  9. Marjo, thanks. The divorce was tough but there sure was a great light at the end of the tunnel. It sure worked out.

  10. Thanks Derry. We had a great time with you and Lynda too. Lots of laughs. And cold beer. (TC’s has the coldest beer in town).

  11. Consider, if you haven’t been on a motorcycle for a number years the smaller bike might be good for getting your chops up to snuff. Then you can trade up as you feel more comfortable. The 883 might be ideal.

  12. Congratulations to Luci & you, married twice so after a year she decided you were a keeper! It was great to see you after so many years last year & a real pleasure to meet the charming *Miss Luci*.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  13. Mike, we had a real nice time that day in Barrie. Was great to see both of you again, and to have you and Diana meet Luci.

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