5 thoughts on “Lucic Helps His Buddy”

  1. I understand why Lucic is standing up for his buddy.

    He didn’t assault the other motorist.

    It was just a hockey play.

  2. That’s a really bizarre story. Honestly if someone came attacking me with a piece of metal and I got hold of it, I might smack him back, too. Out of anger, fear, shock. It seems it would be human nature.

  3. Marjo, I agree with you. I just put the link in because it’s one of those Boston bastards.

  4. Lucy’s boyfriend wasn’t even driving. This this the first instance of back seat raging that I’ve ever heard of.
    Any info about the other driver? Was he charged as well? He got out of the car, introduced the weapon and started the fight. He seems just as culpable.

  5. The other driver started the ball rolling but Lucic’s pal pushed it too far by a long shot. Taking off before the cops came said a lot. He knew he pushed it too far and tried to save his own ass. I doubt this “upstanding citizen” would have come forward had he made a clean getaway.

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