Lovely Habs Wives in the 1950’s (Part 3 of 5)

Bernie “Boom Boom” Geoffrion with his wife Marlene and kids. That little gaffer is Danny, who went on to play for the Habs in the late ’70’s, early ’80’s. Marlene is the daughter of Howie Morenz, so she’s a hockey gal through and through. She looks beautiful, especially the picture of her in the white blouse.


Big Jean Beliveau doing the dishes with wife Elise. Elise said she had to do most of the driving when they were dating because Jean was a lousy driver.

5 thoughts on “Lovely Habs Wives in the 1950’s (Part 3 of 5)”

  1. These wives seem so nice. Every time I see athletes wives on TV, they always seem so miserable and skanky. Not all of them, of course, just most.

  2. I agree Dani. And wives now have so much more money. Back then, their hockey-playing husbands usually had summer jobs.

  3. DK,

    Pics depicting history. Not only another time, another era. Lots of `good’ came with those times and lots of stuff we wanted gone …hehehe, hence `Sex In The City’ and `Cheech & Chong’ – not that I think much of either of these `iconic’ productions, only they do sum up the sixties, eh? Sigh, well, I like to think something more came out of the `social unrest’ than them.

  4. the chicks are “hotter” today, wear less clothing, and will screw you for a farthing (then they’ll REALLY screw you in a court of law) but, even though I’m a young man, I still think I would take women from that era over this one

    not that this is an autobiographical post, but skanks, hoes and shallow sorority girls get really tiresome after a while because there’s no “there” there; as human beings go, they’re either empty shells, entitled narcissistic princesses, or treacherous you-know-whats.

    for some reason, the word “lady” doesn’t fit into our cultural lexicon anymore

    oh well, no wonder guys like me only date latin women

  5. I just really like their overall look back then. They seemed to have more class, especially in their clothes and hair. And I LOVE 1940’s women with those great hairdoes.

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