Lousy Way To Start November

A couple of things happened to the Montreal Canadiens on this Tuesday night when the Atlanta Thrashers, minus Ilya Kovalchuk, came to town.

Atlanta’s goalie, Ondrej Pavelec, unfortunately, was healthy and played the game.

Marc-Andre Bergeron, unfortunately, was also healthy and played the game.

Habs lost 5-4 after driving us crazy all night by falling behind, catching up, and then falling behind again. Carey Price had the huge misfortune of being in nets the night Montreal’s defence decided to become the Keystone Kops – batting pucks in the stands for penalties, staggering around like drunken soldiers, forgetting where to be on the ice in front of Price, and fiddling with the puck in their own end like they’ve never seen one before and can’t exactly decide what to do with it.

When clinics show highlight video of NHL hockey to young players, they won’t be showing this one. If this was baseball, you could say it was an error-filled game.

But enough of that. With all the strife and wars and misery in the world, who cares that the Montreal Canadiens are striking fear in no one and that THEY STUNK THE ^%&^$# JOINT OUT TONIGHT.

It’s a good thing Kovalchuk wasn’t playing. It might not have been so close.

Random Notes:

Brian Gionta had two goals

Habs in Boston on Thursday. I’m assuming Jaroslav Halak will be playing but who knows? 

Carey Price played fairly well for the most part, but he seems to lose his composure after he’s let in a few. But he was great early in the game and the crowd was chanting his name. Then the whole thing went crazy.

15 thoughts on “Lousy Way To Start November”

  1. Then the whole thing went crazy..

    Thats right, the defense making us crazy. They should never let this happen.. 5 Goals. There where two goals for the thrashers, they should never pass or even achieve the goaltender.

    for the small group of Habs Fans in Switzerland it’s hard to understand. So many good players, Gill, Spacek, Mara, but it looks like that they didn’t find the right way until now. Especialy the defense.!

    It can be true, that Markov is missing so much. Hopefully he’s back very soon.. but it’ll take some time.

    Sincerly, Nico
    SHF – canadiens.ch

  2. Something really has to be done, Nico. The defence needs to tighten up a whole lot. It’s just too bad Carey Price has to put up with the mistakes in front of him.

  3. Was I alone in being slack-jawed and perplexed to hear that Carey Price was awarded the player of the month award for October? – a month where he saw little action and not all of it stellar.
    I think the Molson Cup ceremony put a jinx on the team by upsetting the hockey gods…

  4. You’re not alone. I felt the same. I started thinking about what he’d done in October and I couldn’t think of much. So I just decided that the Molson award is neither here nor there. It’s not valid.

  5. This is just my opinion about Price , I feel Huet should have been kept & allow Price time to become the goalie we all felt he could be . Ken Dryden was much more mature at the same age & could handle the intense pressure to win in Montreal . Alas that first playoff series seems to have destroyed Price’s confidance & he’s never been the same since . A year or two as backup I feel would have made a world of differance . Just my opinion .
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!

  6. Mike, I feel you’re absolutely right. They should have taken their time with Price instead of throwing him into the fire right away. He looked good in the beginning last night, but as soon as things started to go bad, he once again looked shaky. I don’t know what the answer is.

  7. I feel for the kid. It seems the CH offense just cannot give him a decent lead to work with and there are always ridiculously bad bounces that demonize him. Also our defense stinks to high heaven whenever he is in nets. In short, Carey is cursed with the worst luck lately…
    Also, I believe he is probably feeling the pressure and is making the mistake of trying way too hard. It all began in Vancouver when he wanted to impress his friends and family, but as in golf or lovemaking when you try way too hard you end up with disastrous results.
    He needs to realize he has enormous potential and to quiet the voices in his head – maybe pay a visit to a goalie guru or an exorcist. Stop talking to (and listening to) the Montreal media. Then things will hopefully turn around.
    That, and work on his upper glove-hand side.

  8. I agree with all the comments about defensive woes and Carey cracking a little under pressure. He is a good keeper when he’s on and he hasn’t been since the hype around him started a couple of years ago. I think we need to make a trade for a bonafide first or second line D-man. Markov’s salary doesn’t count under the cap and we should get someone who can teach it to these guys. They shouldn’t have to be taught D because they’re professionals and there is pressure but still, we deserve better than what we’re getting. Too many mistakes. Markov was able to elevate those around him (i.e. Komi – hahaha look at him now struggling in TO) and we will be a playoff team when he gets back but it will be too late if we don’t get help. I think Gill is overrated, Roman and Josh are really the only ones I like back there, Spacek too new yet. Maybe they’re not finished gelling yet. Hopefully I’m wrong and the boys take off from here.

  9. Mayo, you’re really right. We deserve better. And Price needs a break from our feeble defence. Thanks for all this.

  10. Danno – imagine if Price was playing with a good defensive squad, he might be an all-star. But right now he’s anything but. It’s really too bad.

  11. Mike, I agree with you. Price have been should be allowed to mature in the minors and as a backup before becoming #1. Carey’s problem is that he won too much, too easily, too young and too quickly before learning how to lose without crumbling.
    Dryden is a great comparison, but you’re a bit off in comparing maturity at the same age. Dryden was almost 24 before his first game in the NHL whereas Price just turned 22.

  12. Chris – I wonder if I could become goalie coach. The ownership thing’s not working out because no one sent money, so maybe goalie coach?

  13. Does goalie coach also filter the groupies? Maybe Price needs some good fast ego boosting fun, but without any of the destructive partying. The rest of us will take care of the alcohol.

  14. It’s going to get better, Mr. Habs. A lot depends on the goaltending. And defence needs a kick in the ass.

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