Louis Leblanc Picked By His Hometown Team. But It’s Harvard For Now


First, the second-most important thing. As expected, John Tavares is now a New York Islander, Victor Hedman becomes a Tampa Bay Lightning, and Matt Duchene is off to Colorado. That’s how the first three picks in the 2009 entry draft were supposed to go, and that’s how it played out.

And talk about a raise! These guys, and the rest of the crop, go from borrowing money from their billets so they can go to the movies, to being able to buy the whole movie theatre. Am I jealous? No. I’ll just keep on slaving away until I’m 69 so I can pay the bills because that’s what I want to do.

Now, the most important thing. The Canadiens selected hometown boy Louis Leblanc who played for the Omaha Lancers of the US Hockey League, where he scored 28 goals and had 39 assists. He’s a little too slight at the moment, just 178 pounds for being a six footer, but young guys always fill out. The way they eat, how can he not? And he’ll do that while attending Harvard, which, for those in Slobovia, is an elite school where students have to be smart.

Imagine how it would be if the young fellow blossoms into a star in Montreal. A French-Canadian Montrealer wearing the bleu, blanc, rouge. It’d be magic. He’d be a hero. Just what the doctor ordered. C’mon Louis, hurry up and do your Harvard thing, put some beef on, and get up here and be the star we need you to be.

Of course, we don’t want to put any pressure on you.

Montreal got a good young French-Canadian forward who’s going to become a Harvard guy. A guy with athletic prowess and a good head on his shoulders. The girls are going to love him.

14 thoughts on “Louis Leblanc Picked By His Hometown Team. But It’s Harvard For Now”

  1. Oh and Louis? When you do get to Montreal could you be about 2 inches taller, 30 lbs heavier, and a little more like Lecavalier than Mondou? Nope no pressure here! No one should look at Gainey and accuse him of not making a splash bigger than Leblanc. Deals were obviously hard to come by just ask Brian Murray and Brian Burke. I have to admit that I was just as glad not to see another Minnesota high schooler, which reminds me-just where are Fisher and McDonough anyway?

  2. Wouldn’t be great if he becomes a star. He sure needs to gain weight, though. It’s funny, back in the original six, most players woulds be shorter than him and maybe just a tad heavier.

  3. I think Louis has also gotten some good experience in spending time on Luc Robitaille’s hockey team (that USHL team)… I heard Luc’s comments on Louis… and there was much praise.

    He does have a good head on his shoulders… and some think he’s got a ton of talent.

    Bob MacKenzie of TSN praised him alot.

  4. That’s really good news, Yves. If he became a young star in Montreal, it would be magic. A home town boy with a great name.

  5. About his name…. it totally fits.

    Mahias Brunet writes that he adores pressure…. so if that’s true.


  6. It will be good to hear the fans in Montreal chanting “Lou” for their own team. Enough said.

  7. That has a nice ring to it.

    I like this draft overall.

    There are 3 other pics that could become solid NHLers.

    Alexander Avtsin 6’2… huge offensive upside.. Timmins thinks he could play in Hamilton pretty much right away. Timmins also said he tought he has first round type skill….

    Joonas Nättinen 6’2 – great playmaking skills… pretty good on face off too…

    I’m not expecting them to become huge stars…. but they do seem to have alot of good potential.

    Might be a future linemate there for Louis.

    Now… can’t wait for July 1st.

  8. July 1st is going to be big. As far as the draft picks go, I know so little about them, maybe because I’m so far away. So I rely on you guys. Thanks.

  9. Leblanc seems like a bit of a gamble to me, alot of scouts had him pegged to be a late first rounder possible early second rounder and there was quite a few better players available when leblanc was chosen. Besides that its nice to see a guy get drafted by his home team.

  10. I really have no idea about Leblanc except what others say. Bob McKenzie said he’ll be a good one. And Gainey, Trevor Timmins, and the Habs brass seem to think he was the best to take. This is a wait and see thing. He needs to put on about 20 pounds to start with.

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