Lottery Balls

How does the NHL draft work? I’ll let Yahoo Answers explain:

“After the end of each NHL season whatever teamed amassed the least amount of points/wins means they are the worst team. But that still doesn’t mean they automatically get the first pick in the draft. There is a draft lottery (almost like a real lottery) where they pick out a random number. The worst team gets 48% chance of winning the first overall pick 2nd worst team has an 18% chance and so on. And usually most teams don’t try to lose because they like to show fans appreciation for sticking with them through the year.”

What that means is, even if Montreal loses to Toronto tonight (which I hope isn’t the case), and then their last 16 after that (which I also hope isn’t the case), it still doesn’t guarantee that they’d have Nail Yakupov in the uniform next year, or even the next guy or the next guy after him. But it also means that if they finish 5th from the bottom, for example, they still still have a shot at a guy like Yakupov. Although the odds are much less.

At least I think this is how it works. If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me. I’d appreciate it.

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  1. They only draw one ball. Only one team can win the lottery and move up, and no more than five spots. A team can only move down a maximum of one spot. So if the Habs were the worst team, the worst they could do would be the second pick.

    If they finish with the third worst record, they could draft anywhere from first to fourth.

    Last year, for example, New Jersey won the lottery, and move from 9th to fourth (or something like that). So the teams ranked fourth to 8th moved a spot down, and everyone else stayed the same.

  2. Since I’ll be there tonight I hope we win! We *should* since there was a coaching change for Toronto so hopefully he hasn’t gotten their act together yet. I really hope Blakes scores one tonight because I’d love to be there for that.

    I just hope that this year we draft a real sniper – someone who can actually score. Our defense is looking pretty good coming up so let’s get some goal scorers for a change. Let’s have people fear us again instead of seeing us as an easy 2 points. 🙁

  3. Hope you have a fantastic at the game, Darth. Bring a big sign that says “I’m Darth” so we’ll recognize you.

  4. Jesus H. Christ, when is geoff gonna fire PG and Bob Gainey? Does it take a rocket scientist to see they arenot doing the team any good? I guess geoff is as moronic as the two aforementioned.

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