Lose Now, Win Later

I’m loving the fact that the Canadiens are getting their sucktitude out of the way before the season begins. 

The team has given us one win and six losses now, after dropping a 4-0 game to the visiting Tampa Bay Lightning, and I’m at the point now of just shrugging my shoulders and saying whatever. In fact, they can lose again on Saturday in Quebec and I’ll still shrug my shoulders and say whatever.

At least on this night, we saw the majority of the real team for the first time. Only six on the bubble dressed tonight – Michael Blunden, Michael Bournival, Andreas Engqvist, Brendan Gallagher, Raphael Diaz, and Alexei Yemelin, and this was a nice little treat after seeing the opposite, six regulars and twelve propects, in previous games.

Although either way, the team still lost.

I thought newcomer Chris Campoli didn’t look at all out of place, and I’m hoping very much that my eyes weren’t just playing tricks on me as I thought Alexei Yemelin was slightly more in charge than he has been in other games.

But maybe it’s just me and the fact that I want to see him succeed so much that it’s clouding my judgement.

Brendan Gallagher, with hopes that he’ll actually stay with the big club, didn’t set the world on fire and so we still don’t know what they’re going to do with the young fellow. If he can help by putting points up, he could be a welcomed addition. But he’s awfully small and my gut feeling is, he should go back to junior. Although Montreal has scored just 14 goals in seven games (two per game), and allowed 28 (four per game) and this has to change in a big way.

So if  the Canadiens feel Gallagher can provide some offensive spark, maybe he’ll stay.

I’m going absolutely nowhere on this, aren’t I.

A huge problem could be Peter Budaj, ready to back up Carey Price this year, who hasn’t been fantastic in this preseason and we need him to steal a bunch of games once the real thing gets rolling. He’s expected to be an upgrade over Alex Auld and if he’s not, he’s not earning the 1.15 million a year the team is giving him. He needs to help in a big way, and unfortunately, it might not happen often.

Eighth and final preseason tilt on Saturday, 7 PM eastern in Quebec, against the Lightning again. The Habs could even lose again and make their record as dismal as it gets. But that’s okay. As long as they win beginning October 6th. 





11 thoughts on “Lose Now, Win Later”

  1. The most maddening thing about this pre-season is that in almost every game there are some great moments. The greatness is there but it’s not coming out yet. I thought tonight they had great energy and movement but nothing was working for them. Missed shots, hitting the damn post, etc.

    This is why I wish they had got the group together sooner. I understand the need to test out the new guys but it will take a bit of time for the main guys to really click. It may even take a few weeks. This is game one of them essentially being together. Saturday is only game two. Toronto, the start of the season, will be game three. I would not be surprised if they lose that one. Eventually everything will fall into place but it’s so aggrivating to see flashes of good stuff but only getting a loss.

    Gallagher will go down to Jr. He should because he needs to develop and we don’t want to rush him and then end up ruining him.

    Budaj really worries me. He looks very shaky and apparently in Colorado he had no goalie coach. The goalies there are left on their own. So he’s going to need a lot of help. I haven’t felt this nervous about a back-up since Red Light!

    If Carey goes down (heaven forbid, knock on wood), we may be screwed.

  2. Darth, you and I are on the same page. I too wish there hadn’t been so many prospects taking turns in games. And I also agree with you that Montreal isn’t close to geling yet and early October could spell a bit of trouble. Gallagher should go down. I don’t think we need another small guy right now. And Budaj……what a luxury when teams have excellent backup goalies. I don’t think we do, and I really never thought Auld was much either although he did surprise us later in the season. But if he really was good, he would have played more. Thanks as always.

  3. I think October may be a rough month. There is going to be some growing pains but I think in the end we will improve. Pacioretty had an off game, Andre K was his usual dopey self, DD made a terrible mistake screening his own goalie…sigh. The score should have been 5-0. Pyatt did score but they didn’t count it.

    I’d love to know what PK said Lecavalier during the game and what made him so pissed off with Stamkos. What we need is a lip-reading expert.

  4. Darth, we did hit a post or two, and had quite a few chances. Unfortunately, an old problem seems to be back – no one causes havoc in front of the net. We need more bodies there. Gallagher’s too small for this role and another reason why he should go back to junior. And you bet, Kostitsyn had a few lacklustre moments which drive us all crazy and is unacceptable, and in general. It wasn’t a great game by many. I thought PK was fine for the most part, and I’d a;so like to know what was going on with him and Lecavalier too.

  5. i’m not panicking, just shrugging my shoulders. if we lose the next game the habs will have been win less for the entire preseason. as i said i don’t consider a shoot out win as actually winning a game. if, statistically it is not considered a loss but a shoot out loss when a team doesn’t win in a shootout then a shoot out win is not a win, right?. dumb ass nhl shit……………so when was the last time a team went win less in the preseason? it will make for great drama tho if they turn it around and have a successful season but if we lose that first game in toronto i shall get the ball rolling early and call for jm’s head. in fact even, if we win i shall get the ball rolling early and call for jm’s head.

  6. Hobo, I know I sound like a broken record but there’s just been way too many players in camp. I really feel this is going to be a great team but they need time to be together and get to know each other. The regular season shouldn’t be a time for this, it should be now. I’m sure they have their reasons for so many but whatever they come up with, I’m not buying it. And right now I’m like you, I’m just shrugging my shoulders.

  7. Dennis, it seems like the whole team was snakebit last night. Lots of “close but no cigar” moments. Brilliant plays but no finish. Lunchbag letdown.
    As for Budaj, he really couldn’t be faulted for the first couple of goals, but it’s true he did look jittery throughout the match. It’s never a good sign when the goalie keeps looking behind himself after stopping the puck. He needs to be more Halakian and less Racicotian.
    Having said that no team can win unless they score at least one goal.
    Having said that, Rolly the Goalie should kiss those Bell Centre goal posts for being on his side and helping him record the shutout. Then again, Budaj caught a break when the play was whistled down just as the puck went in behind him.
    We must be the league leaders for hitting goal posts in preseason. Gallagher alone must have hit at least three or four. That bad luck can’t go on forever. Can it?
    And I agree it’s far better for the Habs to lose now than when it actually counts for something. Still, if they don’t turn it around in a dramatic manner soon, we’re going to begin to sound a lot like Homer Simpson…

  8. i’m thankful for danno’s pragmatic, knowledge filled and inventive posts. it allows space for guys like me to rant and engage in nonsense.

  9. Danno, you’re right. We need more scoring. It’s been a problem for a few years now and I expect Cole and gang to fix this this year. I thought their goalie saw too many shots too. We need to storm the net but we don’t have the size in general to do this.

  10. Dennis, the Habs just announced Brendan Gallagher is being sent back to his junior team, the Vancouver Giants in the WHL

    I know it’s for the best. But still I was kind of hoping for the kid who put in so much effort. If the regulars start playing with as much intensity as young Brendan did, the Habs will have no problem going all the way.

    Maybe a little bit of his attitude rubbed off on Scott Gomez who hasn’t been bad at all in preseason play.

    Hockey is a funny game. You need size, strength and skill, it’s true. But you aren’t going anywhere if you don’t have heart.


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