Looking For A Good Job?

I wanted to get Brad Marchand’s name in here but I couldn’t think of any good way, so I just stuck it in anyway.

Not liking your job? Maybe you could do this, which I found in my handy Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.

From a 2003 Popular Science survey of lousy jobs, this was one of them:

“A Minnesota gastroenterologist, Dr. Michael Levitt, invented a breath test, and his employees’ jobs are to feed test subjects pinto beans, collect the gas that results using plastic tubing, and sniff them – as many as 100 a day – to determine the strengths of the farts.”

8 thoughts on “Looking For A Good Job?”

  1. I’ll definitely be looking for gainful employment over on the Island in the near future, but I think I’ll ‘pass’ on that job.

    Two months this weekend until the first Leafs game and first Leafs victory of the season?? I think so. 😀



  2. Beans beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!

    That’s one hell of a job alright. Least you can fart at work and no one will look at you sideways because of it.

  3. Randy, what kind of acid has DK been feeding you?? Leaf’s first game & win against les Canadiens———- I don’t think so!!!

  4. Randy, Mike and Dennis: These crazy things Leaf fans say before the season even begins indicate we have a serious problem in Canada with people snorting bath salts.

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