Looking At Tonight. And Scott Gomez Too

What? Hockey already? It’s only been a week, for gawd’s sakes.

Tonight in Kanata (an old Native word meaning “place to the west of the village where people wear suits and get time off for every single holiday invented,” the Canadiens hope to make it four in a row, and I have full faith they’ll get the job done unless all that home cooking and domesticality during the week took the edge off.

Punch Imlach and Eddie Shore would be rolling over in their graves about this home sweet home business.

I suppose I should just say the game is in Ottawa, because they are the Ottawa Senators that the Habs tackle on this Friday night, but the rink is in Kanata, which is way outside of Ottawa, west as the crow flies. Way west.

When my friends Heather and JW, who live in Orleans, which is east of Ottawa, set out for Scotiabank Place in Kanata, they must fill up three jerry cans of gasoline and have a survival kit handy in the back seat.

The Senators are presently playing well, which has surprised most. But they lost the other night to the Bruins, and that’s always a good thing. Except for the part where Boston won. Now the Senators meet Montreal having lost their last game and work on keeping those seeds of doubt from entering their minds.

Montreal has been playing as well as Ottawa lately, and please, when all you hear are TSN and Sportsnet guys going on about the strong play of Ottawa, phone or email the stations and remind them that there are two teams out there and the other one that nobody’s mentioning deserves some respect.

I’ve yet to hear how Scott Gomez injured himself. It could be an upper muscle strain caused by the weight of his wallet but I’m not entirely sure.

And speaking of whom, I dug up this old quote from a Rangers site called Scotty Hockey, and here’s what he had to say about Scott Gomez after Rangers GM Glen Sather somehow managed to get Bob Gainey to take Gomez and that contract off his hands. I especially liked the part where he says “no more smiling after losses.”

“Scott Gomez is gone.

While I won’t take back all of the bad things I have ever said about Glen Sather (Wade Redden is still a Ranger), this definitely lightens my outlook. And for him to get back a return – any return – for Gomez is just stupefying. So this is why he is in the Hall of Fame. Wow.

No more smiling after losses. No more attacks aborted by a moronic offsides. No more skating into triple coverage to dump the puck five feet away and run for the bench. No more Scott Gomez.

Oh happy day.”

17 thoughts on “Looking At Tonight. And Scott Gomez Too”

  1. Excellent quote Dennis. This will be a big long-winded but I need to rant:

    How many chances is this guy supposed to get? We keep getting all these empty promises:

    He’s a slow starter. It’ll pick up eventually. Well, it’s been over two seasons now. There’s slow and then there’s “waiting for the next ice age” slow.

    He has pride and will turn it around. Seeing him laughing while his own team loses says all we need to know about his sense of pride.

    He will “turn it around”. Well, evidently he hasn’t even begun to move, much less turning anything around.

    This summer he’s gotten into shape and will be “all that he can be”. Yeah, he’s been amazing in the games he’s played so far eh?

    When it gets to the point where when he’s injured and the fanbase is actually laughing about it then there is something really really wrong here.

    When fans can’t even tell if he’s playing or not because he is such a non-factor that’s even worse.

    Compare his injury to Pacioretty’s. Pacioretty caused us all to hold our breath in fear and dread. We hear about Gomez and most of us say “so? will it make a difference?”

    I can’t stand the guy and it burns me to no end that HE is the highest paid Hab player ever. What an insult to our history.

    Can you imagine how Beliveau or the other greats feel watching this guy?

    I know Beliveau is there almost every night and he’s too much of a gentleman to ever say anything but he must be seriously disgusted with the guy.

  2. scotty hockey sums it up pretty well……….. does the hab management and coaching staff realize how stupid they look just having him on the team let alone actually playing him…… please rectify this mistake now. sather fixed his mistake…….. oh by the way, did i mention to get jm’s boring ass out of town also?

  3. It bothers the hell outta me that Gomez is taking so much cap space, when The Habs could easily replace him with a player than can actually do something.

    Gainey knows he messed up, which is why he stepped down as GM.
    Gauthier has done a pretty good job considering that Gainey just left him there to fix all the problems he caused.
    Much like Bush dumping all the dirty work on Obama.

    Anyway, having Gomez’s salary drop to 5.5 Mil is good. but it’s still 5.5 Mil.
    I mean, Phil Kessel is making 6 million right now. And what is he doing right now? Oh right, being the NHL’s top scorer.

    Gomez better step his game up before the fans drive him out of the city. (Which I hope they actually do.)

  4. Darth, I can’t add anything else to what you wrote. You’ve summed it up for me and others. Thanks.

  5. You’re right, Hobo. Just rectify it. Treat it as a pure business move. Heck, I’ll even start drinking more beer if Molsons is worried about money lost.

  6. Phil, good points. He’d better step it up. We’ve been way too patient with this guy. I know he’s not a goal scorer so it’s his job to be an impact player in different ways. But he hasn’t been, and he promised us he would be this year. Montreal, please do something about this. The fans are demanding action.

  7. Excellent, Danno. It’s sort of a real word. “When Gomez plays, he does zemog with the puck.”

  8. Hey Dennis,I’ve seen two games at the Scotia Bank Place,nice arena,a few bars,not as nice as the Bell Centre which is the best place I have ever watched a hockey game.Watching the game,so happy for Les Habitants,they seem to be playing well.Carey Price is on top of his game and Lars Eller,wow, what a play he made to Kostitsyn,he is neither a clam or an oyster,he is un shell fish.

  9. Well… Habs are up 2 – 1 as I type this…

    No Gomez means guys like Eller are eating up more minutes. I like that. Eller looks like he’s gonna be a solid player.

    I wouldn’t want to be Gauthier going into next year. Markov and Weber are the only signed D men…. Gomez’s 7.3 is still hanging around for 2 more years…. unless they can figure something out…. and he’s got Price and Subban among others to sign.

    Are you nervous Pierre??

  10. Man, Yves, that is going to be tough. But signing both Price and PK has to be done at any price. I think they have to eat the Gomez salary, trade him, and free up cap space for these important signings.Eller’s been great and has become one their best and smartest players. He;s really blossoming and there’s much more to come from this guy. It was a good road game, a little nerve-wracking, but it’s two big points and four straight. Just great.

  11. Dennis, you’re right, it seems Price is on his game now and Eller is moving up the ladder and becoming a star. Nice to see. Cole is playing great too.

  12. Dennis. You won’t believe it but after 20 years of bumper to bumper traffic and the standard hour it takes to get out of the parking lot I have started taking public transit to the games. Usually back across the city and home to Orleans in an hour.
    Great game last night as round one goes to the Habs. These games are the closest you can get to actually experience the atmosphere at the Bell Center.
    And why not. There was 12,000 Habs fans in the building.
    Cheers!!! JW

  13. And JW, there would have been 12,002 if you were still Habs fans. And yes, public transit seems like a better idea. They should’ve built the rink on Lebreton Flats.

  14. Dennis, Kanata is far far outside of Ottawa. The Palladium, or whatever its name is this week, is even further outside of Kanata. It’s like its own isolated village; one building, endless parking lots.
    Your absolutely right, they should have built the arena in Lebreton flats. With a nice attraction just outside of downtown the city would have built the underground LRT long ago. So to everyone across the country, Ottawa politicians may screw up the country, but other Ottawa politicians screw up this city much more.
    My family in Orleans would sooner driver to Montreal than Kanata, and I’m fairly sure it’s a shorter and faster drive. So if Heather and JW really want to cheer for their local team it should be the Canadiens.

    Trying to figure out what Gainey was thinking when he traded for Gomez is one of lifes biggest mysteries. Even Higgins is playing better than him and for much much less money.

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