Looking At The Standings Because It’s Interesting

Now that the dust has sort of settled on getting the season underway, it’s a little disturbing to see the Buffalo Sabres playing so well. They have the same record as Montreal – 4 wins and a shootout loss for nine points, for goodness sakes. Even with those George Jetson jerseys.


The Sabres will come back down to earth shortly. I’m sure they will.


There’s good news, though, and the good news is that the Philadelphia Flyers, the team Steve Downey plays for, hasn’t won yet in five games. It doesn’t get much better than that!


The Florida Panthers are in Montreal Monday night to play the Habs. I know I say every game that the two points that night are extra important for the Canadiens,  so I’ll just say it again. These two points are extra important for the Canadiens. Gotta catch those Rangers.


Florida should be in Hamilton. Or Halifax, or Winnipeg, or Saskatoon, or Quebec City.


Why is there hockey in Miami, Florida?


I know there’s lots of snowbirds in Florida who are big hockey fans, but that’s not good enough. The team’s drawing only around 12,000 a game, and so now they’re giving away a pair of free tickets as long as you can show a Florida driving license. Miami people need to be at dog races and jai alai tournaments. Not hockey games.


Also interesting in the standings is Tampa Bay’s start. They’re winless after five games. And this with two new owners, the firing of coach John Tortorella, and the hiring of Barry Melrose. So it’s not going well for all concerned except Tortorella, who’s now providing reasonable thoughts on TSN. (Except for his prediction of who will win the Cup.)


Montreal sits in second place in the east with those bastard Buffalonians, with the Rangers leading with 13. But New York has played several more games than anyone else so the standings are slightly cockeyed. And there’s a handful of teams just behind Montreal and Buffalo, like New Jersey, Pittsburgh, and Washington.


San Jose’s leading the west with St. Louis, Minnesota, and Edmonton hot on the trail. Both Edmonton and Minnesota are undefeated at 4-0.


And John Tortorella thinks San Jose will win the Cup.



8 thoughts on “Looking At The Standings Because It’s Interesting”

  1. Hey Dennis, I think that you’re right….

    Hamilton, Winnipeg, Quebec city……. (name Canadian city here!)

    Bring an NHL team back to Canada where the passion for hockey is hot… would probably take a couple of deep pockets and creativity…. but let’s make it happen!!!


  2. Even deep pockets don’t seem to matter to Gary Bettman. For some reason, he doesn’t want to go out of his way to add another Canadian team. Maybe somebody out there can tell us.

  3. I can say the same for the Yotes. Also Atlanta. Hell, I think the Hurricanes should go back to Hartford (if they can at least build a new arena). It’s sad when only a handful of people actually care about these teams, or the majority of your crowd is there to see the visitors. I know lots of non-snowbirds that are crazy Panthers fans, but even they amount to about 20 die hards. The rest? “Hey, the Habs are in town!”

    The NHL’s current system of having our teams prop up these zombie franchises is rather disturbing though. Especially since they’d rather move the Thrashers to Las Vegas or Kansas City (didn’t work the first time) than let a Hamilton billionaire carry one home… I mean, I respect the fact that someone is “trying” to make hockey popular in places that don’t keep ice, but when you get comments like “I can’t keep track of who’s playing ’cause they wear white helmets on white jerseys on white ice” or need glo-pucks, or watch baseball on the jumbotron while the game they paid for is going on in front of them… well screw it. They can’t take the hockey.

  4. Thanks Dennis!

    @number31 I respect the fact that they’re trying to make hockey popular in some of those spots too… I wonder how long they’re gonna try.


    IN third place, not bad at all and looking good too,the team is playing solid good hockey,im at safeway right now i got to go to work soon but will get 4 days of hockey,have a good day

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