Long Weekend Hockey Coins

You’re partying, opening up the cottage, slacking off, laying on the couch, picking your toenails, practicing yoga, drinking beer, while I’m giving my usual 140% at work, making sure travelers get on the ferry boat in fine fashion.

Naturally I’m exhausted, and because of this, I’ll just take some pictures of my 1961-62 hockey coins which I had collected when I was a kid and am lucky enough to still have now. I don’t have the energy for anything else. 140% is a lot.

It took a lot of Shirriff potato chips and Salada jello and pudding, but I managed to get the entire set, then the shields to complete it.

You relax and enjoy the holiday weekend. I’ll just go to work.







4 thoughts on “Long Weekend Hockey Coins”

  1. Great set of coins, Dennis….Given how hard you’re working (140% sure is a lot), it may not be possible for you to spare even a second to consider the following question that crossed my mind the other day: “It seems like a long time since all of the Original Six teams made it into the Stanley Cup playoffs in the same year. You might think it’s simply the last year the Maple Leafs were in, but it’s actually longer ago than that. How long?”….Happy holiday! Eric

  2. Hi Eric. Today I’m slacking off and only giving 136% I feel guilty, but sometimes it happens. I examined your question and I did what any good hockey fan worth his salt would do – I Googled it, and the answer is………..1996. They were all there at that time. I love Google.

  3. Dennis, very impressive; you re the first and only person I know who not only has a complete set but managed to keep it. A good % the Kane family food budget must have gone to this project. Well done!

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