London Calling!

LondonA couple of months ago my brother called and asked if I had any plans from the 15th to the 24th of November. Then he left it like that for me to scratch my head and wonder.

A few days later he  told me what he was up to, which was an offer to buy me a plane ticket to London, England as a late birthday present. Now that’s a brother. And today’s the day we leave.

I’m gonna walk across Abbey Rd. Then there’s those great seats at the hit musical Sunny Afternoon, which is about one of my all-time favourite bands the Kinks. The massive flea market on Portobello Road is gonna be explored I hope.  And of course the pubs, because we’ll be thirsty from crossing streets and stuff.

And another thing while I’m on about London – I’ve always felt that the Queen’s chest size has been underrated for years.

I’m going to miss four Habs games though – Monday, when the Canucks visit and take a severe pounding; Thursday, when the Coyotes show up to be slaughtered; Friday, when the Canadiens clobber the Islanders in Brooklyn; and Sunday when those same Islanders come to the Bell for more punishment.

I’ll have my iPad and will see the scores and scorers, but I’ll be so busy there’s no time to talk about these four games. Lots to do in just a week.

Please feel free to mention anything about these games here if you so desire. And when I get back, I’ll show some photos of this short but sweet visit to Swinging London.

One last thing – my thoughts are with Paris. It’s difficult to understand such evil in our world, and although the timing of our trip could be better, I’m traveling without fear. No way are these sorts of threats keeping me from walking across Abbey Rd.

Bye for now. Back soon.



14 thoughts on “London Calling!”

  1. Enjoy the trip folks!!! Your rite— the crusty coots on this site will scare our boys to victory should their will to win falter. Either way the Habs do——- more important—– ENJOY YOUR TIME WITH FAMILY!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Peter. Should be great. Even the weather forecast is good. It’s just me and my brother, and I hope I don’t drive him crazy.

  3. Here we are, on a two game losing streak about to face the team that ruined our perfect 9 game season opening game winning streak and all I can think about is Dennis’ feel of the queen’s chest.

    It’s quite perverse and maddening, the more I try to stop thinking about it, the more it sticks in my mind. Agh. Sorry, I think I just cursed you all.

  4. Dennis, I can imagine your state of confusion when your brother invited you to come dancing in London on a sunny afternoon. Sounds like a (w)lola(t) of fun!

  5. Back a few months ago I predicted Toronto would take a serious run at making the playoffs this year. I didn’t feel they would absolutely make it but thought they would challenge. Then they got rid of Kessel and I thought well that wasn’t going to happen now. They really messed up out of the gate but looked today and don’t you know they are but 3 points back of 4th place in the division and one game in hand as it stands now. Geez I am getting nervous now…they could make it if they keep the effort up. They are a really hard working bunch under Babcock. Speaking of hard working if you watch closely you can see our once glorious Habs take nights off and it shows in the play. As good as their record is they seem to be a lazy team at times….many of us shrugg this off as oh well that happens over a long schedule… shouldn’t with kind of money these guys make to play a game that they ought to love. Imagine making over a million dollars a year….I am talking to the average guy now. Imagine PK making over 130,000 per game…divide that by 25 and you will see 5,000 per minute of play.

  6. Hi Cliff. Sorry it took so long. Been in London. I’m undecided about Babcock. Everyone talks about him like he’s the second coming, but I feel he could also be overrated. I know he can be an arrogant SOB sometimes. As far as his Leafs go, they’ve had a habit of good first halfs and then falling apart as the season begins to wear down. Who’s to say this won’t happen again? They’ve got the same two goalies as before, Kadri isn’t doing much, and their captain is a pylon. Maybe things will change this year and maybe not. Leaf fans can hope, but I wouldn’t mind seeing their annual collapse again.

  7. Hi Dennis…thanks for the reply and yes I guess it is necessary to hope for the Leafs to fall on their face again. They may…we’ll see…..we can hope anyhow.

    Really I am a bit worried about our team. I see lots of talent…lots of hustle for a few games and then it seems to fall away. Now with Gallager out who will set the pace. I am not predicting anything but that guy earns his money game in and game out. I can honestly say I think he is the hardest working hockey player I have ever seen.

    Hope you had a great trip and visit.

  8. Thanks Cliff. It was a great trip. And yes, Gally is about as hard working as it gets. He’s a great little/big player.

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